Friday, 27 January 2012

WIP Praetorian Salamander and Commandos

Happy weekend everyone! Been a long week for me so no time for modelling or painting. However last weekend I took a few photos of few things I have been working on so I would have something to post!
So here we have a Salamander Command Tank.

It will only feature in larger games or games in which I have lots of infantry as it enables you to issue a few more orders. I need to do some converting for the crew but as yet dont really have many ideas, the only thing that came to mind was sculpting some driving goggles on whatever models are used. The tank (which has been lurking in the bitz box for the past 10 years) originally had a flamer which has since been replaced with a converted heavy weapon team heavy bolter, the ammo feed has been changed to feed into the tank.

The other WIP is the commando storm troopers.

So this is pretty much various VL bits (chem tanks, arms and weapons, heads), pith helmets and some pouches/bottles from empress miniatures and cadian bits. The work that needs doing is green stuff epaulettes (without them they will be to different from the rest of the army), facial hair (these are Praetorians after all!) and aquilla on hats or uniforms (so they really look like IG and not like historical miniatures).
Now I originally wanted these to be storm troopers but I'm starting to think differently. I look at their armour and the 4+ seems hard to justify, furthermore the weapons look far more like sniper rifles than hot shot short range las rifles (also I want to butcher some DKOK grenadiers for my storm troopers now). As such I'm thinking maybe these guys would make good ratlings (I've never been a fan of the space hobbits...), or if I get another 5 done a Vet squad with the camo cloaks and snare mines option.
Either way I'm thinking maybe a slightly different paint scheme. I'd like your thoughts on what you think they should be and how to proceed with them!

Finally the tickets for GW Badab War Campaign (26th - 27th May 2012) at warhammer world go on sale 1st Feb. I'm thinking of going. I've never been to one of these campaign weekends before, what are peoples experiences of them? Any good? Any other Praetorian players thinking of going and fancy teaming up in the doubles match?


  1. Man I like the Salamander, but I went with the Centaur as it comes with the figures, and I can convert them like my Command squad. Also if you have a squadron of artillary you can use your salamander as a spotter, there are rule's for it some were so I will dig it out for you.

    I like the idea of them being sniper's, only drama is you can only have three of them. But I can't wait to see them painted.

    I have not done a campaign weekend but I would love to do one at some point. But Warhammer World is a fantastic place and you will love it. Just take plenty of cash.

  2. I'd love to go but it's not in the cards this year.

    let us know how it goes!

    the models are looking good. keep at it!

  3. Really do like the concept you have going As they look very Scottish in some ways especially with a heart and bobble.

  4. Nicely done! I always loved the Salamander, and I like the heavy bolter update. The Stormtroopers look ace, I definitely dig 'em. Keep up the great work!

  5. Thanks guys, I never knew the salamander was so popular! those rules to use it as an artillery spotter sound good.

  6. I say old boy, as it happens I'm possibly going up for the campaign weekend, 4000pts of Praetorians on the table would be excellent to see! Will be dicussing it with the usual suspects I travel up to Nottingham tomorrow (we've just returned from Throne of Skulls lol), will get in touch with you once we've made a decision.

  7. have to say, these lot very much remind me of the british troops as seen in the film Michael Collins, the ones who ransacked the Common Folk's houses and farms. They had the berets with the bobble and if my memory serves well were outfitted rather similarly as these figs.