Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Command HQ - Getting there!

Another update on how the Command HQ are doing.

The khaki, flesh and epaulettes are done. Still lots of painting to do. I'm trying to work out what colout to paint a lot of different parts. Red is a colour which runs through the army so I'm thinking red for the sashes they all wear. The cuirasses will be a dark bronze colour like the one worn by the Lieutenant of the 1st Platoon. Eagles on the helmets will be bronze, the bit currently grey will become white. The real bits that I'm unsure about are the cuffs and bands that run around the helmets. They will need to match and my three options so far are white, red or gold. Anyone got any ideas???

Comments always welcome!


  1. Wow! Absolutely, genuinely impressed, great conversions, great paint job and fantastic concept

  2. I would say white off hand. try to match the gloves maybe.

  3. Looking just really, really good. Looking at it my instinct would be gold, that just seems to fit for command models but also I think the white would look strange next to white gloves on the cuffs, and the red would detract from the sashes. But that's just my immediate thought. I'm sure whatever you do these models are going to look fantastic!

    In my enthusiastic amateur mould can I ask how you did the faces? I have read lots of guides on painting the flesh on faces but I have never seen faces look quite so natural on models as you have managed with these guys.

  4. Thanks for the comments! The more I paint them the more I lean towards gold, thinking about the rest of the army - platoon 1 red cuffs, command section white cuffs, HQ gold. Gold is a funny one to paint so I'll see how it goes, maybe a non metallic gold.
    Glad you like the faces, there are a lot of ways to paint them. Mine here are tallarn flesh then ogryn flesh wash all over, then a second wash when it is dry focusing on the recesses. Then paint tallarn flesh again (obviously leaving the darkest parts. Then I move on to dwarf flesh as a highlight, then about 3 more highlights (less on less important models) where more and more white is added. The final highlight is on only the most prominent bits and is very little. Harking back to my comment about eyes I made on your blog, I painted the eyes of Col. Winterborne, but I'd be suprised if any of the other guys get them!

  5. The eyes on the colonel look awesome though, it wasn't till you mentioned it that I realized the others didn't have any! That's how good your shading is! Thanks for the flesh top tips, I will have ago on my next guy.

  6. No poblem! Always happy to dispense painting tips! The helemts are good for hiding the eyes too, save painting them for the special characters!