Thursday, 6 February 2014


Here we have another guest post from the vile malevolent Ork Warlord Gorblud! You may remember his Badmoon Ork army from a few posts last year. Well, its fair to see he has been very busy, lets see what he has been up to...

Hi All,

As our esteemed Col. Winterborne has mentioned,  we’re trying to organise a massive Guard vs. Orks game in the summer.  As the only confirmed Ork player, at this point I’m feeling a little outnumbered, so I’m writing this post in the hope of encouraging a few more Ork players along . . .

Before I get on to my army I thought I’d share a link to the Battle Report from the last big game myself and Col. Winterborne were involved in: The Siege of Magnus Hive

Four of us played the game at Warhammer World and it was pretty awesome . . . but we want to do something even bigger and better this time!

Right, on to the Orks. I’ve not long come back from a Throne of Skulls weekend at Warhammer World and managed to give my Bad Moonz a nice outing.  I came away from the tournament with very average results (2 wins, 2 losses and a draw), but I considered that to be pretty reasonable for the use of a 7 year old codex (and no super-heavies) – fingers crossed for an update later this year.

Col. Winterborne nagged me to take photos of my army while up there but in the excitement of all the games I barely remembered.  I did get nominated for the best army award though (which I was particularly chuffed about) and it gave me a chance to take some pics of them in the glass cabinets.  Most of the ones I took are attached below, but there are some even better ones on the Warhammer World Facebook page if you want to have a look there.  If you do, you’ll also see a lovely Ork Dredd army from another London gamer who we’re trying to recruit for the big game.

I have promised Colonel Winterbourne to paint my Ork Stompa for the game, plus finish the ~4000pts worth of Bad Moonz I have at my flat.  At the bottom of the page you’ll also see the dakka-jet conversion that I intend to finish aswell . . . and if I somehow find the time I might even paint-up my Skulhamma Battlefortress (Baneblade conversion).

I’ll keep sending updates as my painting work continues, and I’d love to see what other Ork armies are out there

 photo 20140119_132112_zps5fdb3e70.jpg

 photo 20140119_132104_zpsc2743b56.jpg

 photo 20140119_132131_zps89c37a5d.jpg

 photo 20140119_132007_zps3310bf74.jpg

 photo 20140119_131944_zpsf4870e4f.jpg

 photo 20140119_112802_zps9a30c32a.jpg

 photo 20140118_095840_zps7193cd34.jpg

 photo 20140129_190043_zps8728cfd3.jpg

 photo 20140129_190101_zps86bc7f64.jpg

 photo 20140129_190108_zps18e4789a.jpg

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

The road to Golgotha

Greetings again everyone!

It's time to follow up, albeit briefly on my last post which got the ball rolling for a big Imperial Guard v Orks game some time in the summer. In this post I am appealing to you all for suggestions and a little help in making this game happen. 

1. Orks
I was lucky enough to get some extremely positive responses from fellow Guard bloggers, but we still need to find a Waaaagh!s worth orks to pit our brave guardsmen against. If you are an ork player and fancy stompin sum umies then let me know, or if you know an ork player who might be interested then it would be great if you could put them in touch. 

2. Guard
Thanks for the great responses to the initial idea, I'm pretty confident we can amass an army of Guard the likes of which has not been seen since the Macharian crusade!

3. Location
I've been wondering where to hold this game and wanted to ask if anyone had any experience of venues other than warhammer world which had massive beautiful boards with great scenery upon which we could play this game. Ideally 6x12 I reckon. I had the newest warhammer world board with the defence lines and bunkers in mind as a possible but seeing as most people tend to be based further south, somewhere in the south of the country might be better. Either way, if you know a great venue (anywhere in the country) then let me know!

4. Scenery
I was thinking, given the time we potentially have to organise this, that it would be great if each player involved (if possible) got involved in making a thematic piece of scenery for the game. This is of course mission and table we ultimately play on dependent but it would sure help with the story telling and ensuring the board looked phenomenal. Additionally smoke markers, we probably need about a 100 of them for the countless soon to be wrecked tanks, if people involved could make some more that would be fantastic. 

5. The Scenario
No concrete ideas just yet but I have plenty lurking somewhere in my brain. Something simple yet brilliant, possibly with a few special characters thrown in and perhaps a side table where a space hulk small objective based game could be played which affects the big game. Could be a teleporter, gun battery, missile bunker, rok, cruiser, who knows! 

6. Quality
When I picture this game in my mind it looks amazing, and I definitely want to take loads of photos. Hundreds or orks charging across the battlefield, formations of tanks, towering stompers, officers barking orders... and then a gray plastic model tank. Everything needs to be painted, no exceptions.

Right that's it for now. Once again I am relying on you all! 


Oh yeah and the title to this post. Perhaps you were looking for a reference to Golgotha, nope, or a road, nope. I couldn't think of a name so I just made something up. Sorry!