Monday, 30 July 2012

The siege of Magnus Hive

A sneak peek at my weekend plans...

"On the fortress world of Aralax III the Chaos Hordes of Daemon Prince In'Gheth lay siege to the Imperial forces defending the mighty fortified city of Magnus Hive. Attacking in the harshest of winters, the Imperial sensors struggled to track anything amongst the blizzards and electrical storms allowing the Chaos forces to land tens of thousands of ground troops with little resistance.

Days of constant battles, saw the outnumbered Imperial forces battering away tides of cultists, heretics and daemon alike. But on the 5th day of the siege a chaos Cruiser would strike a blow that could give the Chaos a much needed chance to breach the Imperial defences and invade the city.  On a near suicidal run, the Cruiser entered the lower atmosphere and
brought it's lance batteries to bear. At the closer range the Heretic ship was able to target a section of the fortress wall surrounding the Hive. Firing a devastating salvo that obliterated Imperial and Chaos forces alike, it also managed to shatter sections of the wall and leave a pair of gates open and undefended.

Seeing the breach in the Imperials defences, Daemon Prince In'Gheth wasted no time in leading his most elite forces to secure the entry points to the walls, which would allow his forces to flood through and attack the hive and defences from within.  With his most trusted Traitor Marines, Heavy Armour and Daemons, the Imperial Forces would be scattered before him or crushed underfoot as his rampaging hordes finally broke their pitiful defense.

The Imperial Commanders, shocked as they were at this sudden breach in their near impenetrable defences, rallied quickly and sent their nearest and strongest forces to plug the hole in their walls before it proved their undoing.  With all the units in the immediate vicinty destroyed the Praetorian IV Mechanised infantry were the first to be sent to the breach and their almost certain death. Outnumbered and outgunned the brave guardsmen, under the Command of Colonel Animus Winterborne, would hold the Imperial line against the forces of Chaos or die trying.  Fortunately for the Colonel, the Imperial Commanders were able to send out a request to another Imperial force that just might be able to get there in time . . . a Grey Knight Strike Cruiser.
It would be a race to see who could secure the walls first, and possibly the most important battle in the entire siege . . ."

Watch this space