Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Orks sir, fasands of 'em! - The Bad Moons of Warboss Gorblud

Hi All.

As Col. Winterborne's opponent for this rather large battle, he has given me permission to overtake his blog temporarily to showcase my army.

I've been painting this Ork army for about the last 6 years, and the painted models I'm using for this game total about 5300pts with the current rules (rather handily a very similar amount to the Colonel's army). I've always loved Orks for the amazing conversion opportunities the army offers, and I've tried to make as many of my miniatures as unique as I could.

The below two pictures show the whole army. It currently consists of over 15 vehicles and 140 infantry. The whole army is painted as part of a Bad Moons clan, because I just love how much they stand out on the battlefield.

 photo Studio_20160607_213321_zps2mxnqffj.jpg

 photo Studio_20160607_213714_zpscdlhs8dq.jpg

I currently have six HQ choices in the Army (as shown in the picture below): 2 Warbosses, 2 Big Meks, a Weirdboy and a Painboy. The special rules and wargear that these boys bring to the battlefield are key to the army's success on the battlefield when used well. I've spent quite a lot of time converting and painting each of these and they're some of my favourite miniatures.

 photo Studio_20160607_213538_zpshn5xnyjc.jpg

Another two key units that will help determine the outcome of the battle are my superheavies - my Skulhamma Battlefortress (Baneblade conversion) and the mighty Stompa. Again, I really love the conversion opportunities these models offer but I must sadly admit I have yet to finish painting these epic miniatures. Painting my yellow paint scheme takes a rather long time, and because I don't have that many opportunities to use them on the battlefield they haven't quite made it to the top of my painting list yet.

 photo DSCF1067_zpsflcchcsr.jpg

 photo DSCF1066_zpsfrexzedu.jpg

I haven't got the space to show close ups of all my units but here are a couple of my favourites. Firstly, my Lootas - these are some of my favourite plastic miniatures GW have made. The models look great as individuals but even better in units. And in my favourite Bad Moon yellow colour scheme I think they look just superb. And secondly, my Kommandos (the one exception to my Bad Moon colour scheme). With this unit I wanted to make the sneakiest and most devious Orks I could. They're all converted from plastic kits to create some really cool and unique models and I felt models as sneaky as these (notice the huge silencers they're all sporting) needed a suitably sneaky paint scheme.

 photo DSCF1064_zpsnc7kicwe.jpg

 photo DSCF1060_zpsjgrknfvx.jpg

I'll now finish this post with the newest addition to my army (and also my favourite model) - my Dakkajet. I'm fairly certain this is the first bi-plane Dakkajet converted, and I'm so happy with how it looks. I have to admit that during the epic battle (that you're shortly going to see a battle report of) it was also not quite finished, so I've added a picture of it below from a week later (at the London W40k GT) with it fully painted.

 photo 20160529_120825_zpsdal1y89b.jpg


  1. Nice orks you got there, i'd struggle to even think about painting so much yellow. And bomber looks avesome, like a WW1 biplane. However tanks could benefit from some weathering, they look like they have rolled out of the production line.

  2. Excellent looking army; the consistent yellow and consistent basing make it all hang together very nicely.

    I'd absolutely love to grind your greenskin scum into the table top some day. Perhaps a trip to Armageddon might be in order...

  3. A beautiful hoard. Thanks for the photos.

  4. However tanks could benefit from some weathering, they look like they have rolled out of the production line.However tanks could benefit from some weathering, they look like they have rolled out of the production line.

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