Sunday, 29 April 2018

First game of 30k and grenadier update

My Praetorians had their first foray into the world of 30K yesterday. A 3000pts battle against an absolutely gorgeous Ultramarine army. 

It was absolutely brilliant, the game was neck and neck from start to finish and it looked to be heading into a draw in turn 5 until the final throw of the dice, my Medusa (counts as medusa field gun as 30K militia have some differences) one shotted an otherwise untouched land raider! 

The game gave you extra points for units in the opponents deployment zone, as the dust settled there were none for either of us, both warlords were dead, and it came down to attrition with me winning on units killed! 

Here are some photos for you to enjoy. 

That’s not all for today though here is a little update on the WIP Praetorian Grenadier. Hopefully I’ll have some more hobby to show you soon as I’m currently building my new Land Raider Proteus! 

Thanks for following and having a look! Comments as always are welcome.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

A blast from the past...

Where does the time go?

It still seems like only yesterday that I was updating this blog pretty regularly. Now, I realise that it’s been in excess of a year since I uploaded anything and even longer since I did anything Praetorian!

Life, as so often happens, gets in the way of being an upstanding Colonel in the Praetorian Guard.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that as of 11:00 PST (Praetorian Standard Time) on 22 day of April in the year 2018 of out lord and saviour the Emperor, work has once again commenced on the glorious 4th Praetorian Mechanised Infantry.

I will post more and in greater detail (believe it when you see it) in the coming weeks. But for now I’ll post a few photos and let you know what is to come.

I’ve started work on the Highland Grenadiers and a few lascannon teams to bulk out a heavy weapon squad. Most interestingly of all though... these are so I can play 30K! Ive been persuaded to join the Horus Heresy Narrative campaign at the London Grand Torunament next month. It means that almost all my armour is useless, but it does give me some fun modelling options, one in particular being a... LAND RAIDER!!! What Praetorian planetary governor would want to travel in a Land Raider Proteus and pretend he is playing original rogue trader?

To get done in the next month are another 14 vanilla guardsmen (to make three units of 20 lasgun guardsmen), the 10 Highland Grenadiers, 3 lascannon teams, a Leman Russ Demolisher and then Land Raider. Should be fun!

I’ll do my best to blog as I go. Thanks for still following my blog and I hope you like what I manage to put together for you all!