Monday, 9 January 2012

Command HQ update

Just a few photos of how the Command HQ are progressing and an objective marker I've made using one of the wounded Praetorians.

The photos show a couple of steps in the uniform painting. It is rather laborious but uses only two colours and a lot of stages. First is 2 parts bestial brown to one part bleached bone, then 50:50 ogryn flesh devlan mud wash the whole thing. Then painting bestial brown 1:1 bleached bone except the very deepest recesses. Then we have about 5 stages of highlights adding more bleached bone each time till the final highlight of just bleached bone. The photos show the second, third and final highlights. Its pretty time consuming, but hey this is the HQ after all! Next is the flesh and trying to work out what colour to paint all the gubbins.

The objective marker has also had his right hand removed and one with a grenade added, they'll never take him alive!
I've got plans for two more markers, one which will be an ammo cache, the other a fallen Praetorian banner.

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  1. Love how these guys are turning out, cant wait to see them finished! The objective marker is a cool idea and finally shows a use for the casualty models (only affordable Praetorians on eBay!).