Saturday, 28 April 2012

Praetorian Highland Guard Almost finished!

Time rumbles on and quite clearly my plan of getting the Highland Guard finished last weekend has been completely banjaxed. Progress has been slow and I now have less than a month to paint up a lot of miniatures in time for the Badab War. I think there will be some late nights to come...

The Commissar Lord is ready to be undercoated now. Pictures struggle to show the detail but I have sculpted an inscription on the sword which unsurprisingly reads praetoria followed by an aquilla. I'm also particularly pleased with how the plasma pistol turned out.

Now the Highland Guard! I'm over the worst as I have now finished the tartan! That leaves weapons, anything red and anything brown and then they are done. Then I will have to concentrate on the standard infantry.

Apologies for the shoddiness of the photos, I'm still struggling with light here in my new flat! 

Comments are of course always welcome, hopefully in the next posted we will have these guys finished!

Monday, 23 April 2012

Monday night painting update

Hello everyone

A rare Monday night post with an update of my progress for Badab war. I'll let the pictures do most of the talking so here you go...

Here are the miniatures I am presently working on. (Sorry for the poor light, I need to get something decent can anyone recommend a lamp? I've heard ott-lites are the way to go)

The Highlanders. I've concentrated on getting them all to the same stage before attempting the tartan en masse. Still to do on them are the weapons, red trim and feathers in helmets, facial hair and I'm contemplating eyes.

The Commissar Lord complete with sword (its only blu tacked on at the moment). Still undecided on how to pose it or whether to have a bash at a power fist as I don't think the WS5 S3 attacks will be scaring anyone...

Also just to keep the general troop count ticking over a batch of 5 guardsmen (though it was largely because at various stages with the Highlanders I had spare mixed paint that I didn't want to waste). I will hopefully have a second platoon of 3x10 with no special weapons all 1st rank 2nd rank that will be blobbed together in template tempting line! Who cares if they die as long as they look good. Im considering adding a standard commissar to this unit and a vox.

That's your Monday update. I consider myself pretty lucky to have time to paint let alone blog!

Have a good week!

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Praetorian Commissar Lord WIP

A quick update of the Commissar Lord. I've smartened his uniform up with a stripe down the trouser legs, piping on the tunic, epaulettes and a collar. The Commissar badge from the original cap has been transplanted onto the pith helmet.

The plasma pistol still requires work and I am yet to work out what to do with his other arm. The plan was to give him a power fist but I don't have any power fists to give him and I don't much fancy sculpting one (as it would likely look rubbish!). Secondly what should he be doing with that arm, should it be at ease, pointing, in the air... The other option is to just give him a power sword (The standard he comes with).

What are your thoughts, and if you have any ideas about what to use or what I should do please let me know!

Anyway that's it for today, hopefully I'll get some more paint on the highlanders this weekend.

Sunday, 15 April 2012

Sunday update

Here are a few photos of the extra work I've done on the Highland Guard. The Sergeant has had his tartan painted (wanted to see if I could remember what I did first time round!)  and there has been a red element added to it which I think ties it in nicely with tthe rest of the model. My painting is currently suffering from lack of a proper light so I'm painting in pretty gloomy conditions! Not ideal. I've decided to do a bit of converting this evening instead as I light isn't quite so crucial.

There are 4 more to make the squad up to 10 who are just undercoated. If I can get these all done by next weekend I will be a happy man.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Praetorian Highland Guard WIP

So with no time to lose on my mammoth task before Badab War I'm going straight back to some models that have been haunting me for the past few months, the Highland Guard!

Now I say haunting because I converted the squad and painted the first before Christmas and undercoated black the rest have remained for some time. Here's the starting point.

These have been like this for a long time. But they aren't like that any more here is the work I've managed tonight!

Photos are pretty poor as I don't have any good light here yet (it makes painting an abolute nightmare!). Still plenty to do but a good start.

The fully painted guardsman was done a while ago and has the Black Watch Tartan. I'm thinking of changing the kilt patern along with a few other bits of the colour scheme, heres a photo of the model and I shall explain what I'm not a fan of.

So firstly I think it has too much going and consequently doesn't fit with the rest of the army. The epaulettes shown here are the wrong colour and have since be repainted to match the rest of the army.

So here is what I I'm considering changing - the tartan
                                                                     - the band around the helmet
                                                                     -the cuffs

What do you all think? any ideas of regarding what I should change?

Its good to be back painting again.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Radio Silence Over!

Greetings everyone

Apologies for the prolonged radio silence and utter lack of blogging. The past two months have been rather all over the place with a new job and a relocation to London, consequently it's only now that I'm finding myself in the same place as my miniatures with time (still a bit limited but there is some at least!) to get some hobbying done!

Incidently I am now in London and have very little idea about places to game or other hobbyists about so if you have some good local knowledge feel free to let me know.

Right on to the miniature talk!

So time has well and truely flown, as a result I have only 42 days till the 4th Mechanised Infantry need to be ready for the Badab War pt2 up at Warhammer World. The next 42 days worth of blogs will be devoted to getting the boys bristol fashion before the off. So what is to be done...

I wrote a 2500pts list a couple of months ago to get an idea of what needs to be completed. Everything that is finished is currently in the gallery and is featuring in the army, here is what is to be done and at what stage it is.

Lord Commissar - in bits

10 storm troopers - in bits

Leman Russ Executioner - on a shelf in a GW

3x10 guardsmen - undercoated

company section - undercoated

10 highland vets -  various stages of painting

Vendetta - currently wondering whether to get a new one or try to alter my existing red and black inquisitorial one (see battle reports for pictures)

So to recap we are talking a tank a plane and 56 infantry with plenty of greenstuff needing to be done.

So......... Am I mad or might I just pull this off?

No time like the present here is the WIP Commissar Lord

Apologies for making you all crook your neck, I can't get the photo to sit the right way up! The commissar lost his hat as it wasn't regulation. There will be green stuff work on the plasma pistol, helmet, collar, epaulettes and his left arm will wield a powerfist. Does anyone have any ideas what power first could work well? Also black. Do I paint his uniform black?? Im still thinking a standard colour helmet if I do.
Please tell me your thoughts.

Also to illustrate what I mean by bits here you go...

Its going to be a hell of a ride...

As ever I appreciate your comments and would love to hear what you all think.

Also if anyone is going to Badab war or you know anyone drop me a line!