Friday, 27 January 2012

Another Salamander post!

Sorry to post again so quickly but I have really enjoyed workign on the salamander and it is almost ready for painting!
I have just about finished the two crew (a little more green stuffing to do, I need to practice how to sculpt goggles on their helmets, I'm thinking kinda Rommel style) and the Salamander is pretty much done.

A few details here and there; a wreath and purity seals on the front shield. A small pennant on the antenna and half a Land Raider Crusader frag launcher which give is representing something (not sure what but I liked it. Maybe extra armour or another part of the comms relay)

The crew are a autocannon loader with head cut off and reattached pointing towards the screen, the autcannon magazine was removed and the arm moved to be pointing towards the console and a pointing hand from the heavy weapon sprue attached.

The other crew member is the missile launcher gunner, who has an arm swap and a hand swap with a las pistol and binoclars. Also as this unit is going to be giving orders we need at least some kind of senior trooper on the Salamander so he has an aquilla on his helmet and the braids sculpted like the sergeant models.

I am quickly becoming quite excited about this project! I now have some good ideas for the Medusa crew. Now on to sculpting goggles!


  1. It's coming along nicely. I'm interested in seeing how you do the goggles as I'm looking to try something similar on my own.

    Ron, From the Warp

    1. Ooh, that's coming along beautifully! I refuse to accept your apology for that reason. :-D

  2. I've just finished sculpting some goggles, I found it pretty challenging. I ended up doing my medusa crew as well (more converted heavy weapon guardsmen), I will be sure to post some more photos later as they will be ready to be undercoated when the GS has cured.

  3. This is looking quite nice! Can't wait to see the goggles as well. I like what you have done with the Salamander and will have to do something similiar when it comes time for me to do my Tallarn.

    Keep up the great work!