Sunday, 29 January 2012

Praetorian tank crew and objective markers

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a good weekend. I've managed to get down to some good hobbying today and have made some good progress with a great many projects currently ongoing.

Heres a look at the mess I've made in the kitchen...

One of the most interesting project at the moment is the Salamander. I have finished converting the tank crew (and crew for my Medusa), they now all have goggles on their helmets and various gaps from converting have been filled. Here they are.
Medusa gunner
 Medusa loader
 Salamander comms operator
 Salamader officer

I'm pretty happy with the goggles, the medusa crew were the last two I did so I think they look a bit better. I'll have to wait and see how they look painted.

Another project I've been working on is a couple more objective markers. A ammo cache and a fallen standard, of course with the obligatory pith helmet.

While I had all my modelling tools out I also had a crack at converting another Praetorian Officer, this time with a Power fist and cane, he will be the officer of 2nd platoon (which consists of a lot of undercoated and needing to be stripped guardsmen...).

There has also been a fait amount of painting going on this weekend, all of which has been working towards updating several tanks; Leman Russ, Leman Russ Executioner, Medusa, Highland Vets. Chimera, Command HQ Chimera.

Heres a picture of the HQ Chimera and Medusa. I have finished the weathering on the tracks of all of the tanks and basecoated the various parts which will have free hand designs and markings put on them. There is a lot to do but it will be worth it in the end...

Quite a big update there, rather a lot of plates spinning at once. I have also just ordered a mechanical horse...


  1. I think the goggles make a great addition to the models. It's that extra touch that sets them apart. I'm sure painting will bring it all together too and pick up any missed detail.


    From the Warp

  2. All of your tanks look fantastic. Also I particularly like that Praetorian Officer. A fairly small conversion for a big effect. Yeah a mechanical horse is on my list too. Sadly its looking like I wont be doing any modelling until March now. And seeing that I haven't done any since November I am feeling the itch. I'm just glad that there are beaut blogs like yours to take the edge off! :)

  3. You do come up with some cracking stuff, really like the goggled crews, can't wait to see them painted. I had been thinking about how to make Power fist conversions for a Lt and Sergeants so consider the idea for this guy well and truly stolen! hope you don't mind. Love the walking stick btw, great idea, you have just given me the idea to do something similar but with an umbrella alla Colonel Frost's Lt Carlyle in A Bridge too Far.