Friday, 6 January 2012

Happy New Year! Updates

Happy New Year everyone!
Sorry it's a bit late but I've been away since Christmas so haven't been able to do any blogging for the past week and a bit. Anyway I hope everyone had a good one.

A new addition to the army arrived today... foam trays from KRmulticase! I got a whole load of deep and shallow plug trays and some of the 50 infantry trays. Finally I am able to transport my rough riders in complete safety! Huzzah!

I'd thoroughly recommend using KRmulticase the product is great and the service and delivery very fast and efficient!

I've also started painting the next unit in my army. The current goal is to finish painting 1000pts so that means command HQ, highlanders and updating the leman russ insignia. So the nest unit to paint is the command HQ led by Colonel Animus Winterborne himself! I've toyed with the idea of different colour uniforms but have decided to keep them the same as the rest of the army. Here is a photo with the khaki uniforms at stage 3 of the roughly 8 stage painting process.

Still a long way to go but once I get stuck into a painting project I like to get it done quick so within the week I should think!

On another note I've realised that I havent finished the battle report from the other post... oh dear... I will try to sort that out soon (they are far more time consuming to write than they look!). Also I had my second battle yesterday, once again versus marines and the praetorians emerged victorius! Particularly heroic were a flamer trooper who fought on after the death of his entire squad and the regimental standard bearer who held held off an entire squad of assault marines before the highland veterans charged in and gave them a good kicking!


  1. Col, thanks for the comments on my test guy!

    I was pretty sold on using the DKOK Command HQ like you as my CHQ squad, can ask a couple of q's?

    How many parts do the models come in? (ie. are the arms, weapons, torsos separate?)Most important were the heads separate? as obviously this makes Praetorianing them much easier!
    I take it there isn't any special weapon options?

    Any other pointers in using them you think would be helpful?

    As always your advice is much appreciated.

  2. The Colonel is 1 piece.
    All the other models are 2 arms and the rest 1 piece, so in answer to your question the heads are definitely not separate. I removed them with a very thin razor saw at the top of the collar. Then with a model knife I excavated the neck area inside the collar, then its a matter of shaving bits off the head and neck area until it fits well, then greenstuff to finish.
    Sculpting new collars is an option and might make it easier.
    Also there is breathing aparatus attached which runs from the front of the face round over the left shoulder to a canister behind the head, all of which I removed.
    The arms come with armour on their shoulders which I removed and replaced with epaulettes.
    The comms operator has various gubins on the side of his head which I saved by sawing down the side of the head and across from the top of the collar on the other side, then I combined it with the added praetorian head.
    And yeah, no special weapons, just the DKOK funky lasguns.
    As they are forgeworld wash them before doing anything with them to remove any film that might prevent paint from sticking. Also some bits might need bending into shape which can be achieved by putting the model in hot water for a while until you can bend it.

    If I was to do it again (providing you are happy sculpting collars), I would remove heads and collars together and sculpt new collars. Also something which only struck me when I started painting is the boots. The Colonel has knee high cavalry boots, the other four have boots to the ankle then from there to the knee it is bandages (imagine luke skywalker shoes in episode IV). I don't like this as they should all be wearing regulation footwear! So I would do some green stuffing there to make them proper boots or if you have an alternative the correct size do a bit of a swap.
    Other than that I sculpted aquilla on the helmets and plume on the front of the colonels helmet.

  3. Thanks very much for the advice, I think I'm definitely going to have a go, although swapping them to plasmas is going to be harder work than I hoped on top of all the other changes. I just can't get over how expensive they are for 5 plastic cast models, Games Workshop and in particular Forgeworld (£9.50 for a decal sheet!) need to get a grip in the current economy. Know wonder people go elsewhere for their bitz and cool individual models.

  4. Nice trays. In November I order some from battlefoam but they still haven't cut my custom ones to hold my cavalry, so Ill be waiting awhile longer. That one on the right is pluck foam? Did you cut it to get the shapes? And if so, what with?

    The colonel is looking good. Very cool work on the epaulets.

    Congratulations on your win. I have a 3000p game lined up for next Monday. Some space marines have gone renegade and part of the regiment is enroot to commit their souls to the Emperor.
    I was giving list advice on the 13th and 23rd praetorian blogs so now it's time to prove my worth.

  5. What rules are you going to use for the Colonel? Creed rules might fit the model well.

  6. It's just a modelling knife for cutting the foam, it's the l
    Shallow plug foam so you get the basic shape then just cut out bits for swords and lances etc, easy peasy.
    So far the colonel has just been the standard. Creed could be fun but would need at least a 2k points as he is rather dear! Need some heavy squads to make use of all the orders he kicks out.

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