Sunday, 17 May 2015

Baneblade Painting Update

Hey everyone!

A very quick post to update you on my Baneblade progress. The tank is still in the 'very clean' phase meaning the metal is all bright and there are no chips or scratches. Almost the whole thing is done in terms of things to paint with the freehand, the black gun casings and the shrine on the back the only things still to be finished. Lets take a look!

This is the main freehand that we see on this side. The markings follow those that appear on the Macharius Vanquisher with some small difference. 

I did the shrine in a slightly different colour and now am not really sure whether to try and pick out all the detail. I suspect I'll paint the purity seals and perhaps the mechanicus skull and leave it at that.

A close up of the freehand work on the side. The lion, chequered pattern, IV and red stripes are properly painted (though I might alter or add to them), the scroll is simply the draft area and writing. Lions Similar to this feature on all the tanks and heraldry in my army, however this one has the biggest mane befitting the tanks size.

I'd love to hear your comments and feedback. Also any suggestions on things to change or add please let me know!