Sunday, 26 July 2015

Finished Praetorian Baneblade

Finally another new addition to the army, the mighty Baneblade!

After excessive delays due to real life I finally managed to dust off my paints and brushes and finish the Baneblade off. In my last post great progress had been made and I was finishing off the freehand before then working on extensive weathering and painting the stowage. Without further delay, lets take a look! (apologies for the very ad-hoc photos!)

 photo image_zps3aapmxdb.jpg

As you can see I've gone to town with the weathering. There are painted chips, sponge chips, washes for dirt and damage, track weathering and scorch marks! Compare it to the new rolled out of the factory look and its quite the contrast.

 photo image_zpszc4n0ykl.jpg

You get a good view of some of the stowage I've used on the side. All my tanks are getting updated so they really have that 'on campaign' feel.

 photo image_zpsfyl72crp.jpg

The freehand skull mirrors that on the turret of the Macharius and in my mind is used to mark tanks in this superheavy squadron. The purity seal has some real age. I bought it in the 90s and it is from the old titan legions/epic space marine sets! Its metal and they were to put on your Titans.

 photo image_zps2re48a60.jpg

A good look at the Curious Constructs tank commander issuing orders from the command cupola. Also you get a good look at some of the blue glass and searchlight I've painted.

 photo image_zpsmomkol8r.jpg

No freehand on this side of the turret but you can see some more stowage and one of the plastic GW jerry cans.

 photo image_zpsunqrbnfz.jpg

Here you can see the main freehand on the side of the tank. Once again it mirrors the freehand on the macharius with black and white checks and red stripes. The lion motif is different but the thinking is they would be unique to the tanks themselves. Personally it's my favourite lion I've painted.

 photo image_zpsh7qzg6z3.jpg

Finally the rear of the tanks. I went minimal on the mechanics shrine with most of it being that bone/stone finish. I then picked out the purity seals and the mechanicus symbol. You can also see the upside down barrels on the right... the servitor responsible has been recycled.

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at the newest addition. Onwards and upwards now, time to paint something else new for the army. I really fancy having a crack at Nork Deddog...