Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Army list for London 40K GT

Hi everyone!

I've been busy the last few weeks and have finally finished a unit of 3 bullgryns, painted a new commissar and another squad of regular guardsmen. Photos of those to follow in upcoming posts.

What I am posting today is a draft army list for the upcoming London 40K GT that I will be attending this month on the 28th May. Might anyone who follows my blog be going?

Essentially, I havent played a proper game of 7th, or if I have it has been so long that I have utterly forgotton. Unperturbed, I intend to do what I always do, which is take some fun units that look good and road test the newly painted models!

I've got a draft of the army list below and have maxed out pretty much all my options in a standard Force Org Chart (is it called a CAD now???), taking the little loved units such as ratlings, rough riders, scions and even the bullgryns!

280 points for the 5 bullgryns is such a points sink it makes me almost physically sick, but they need to be taken because they look bad ass.

I'm well aware I have no real anti tank or AP2, also nothing above AV 12. It's definitely not my usual army list. All alternative incarnation sees me taking a baneblade, but I can't help but feel that really is a wast of points.

I have little understanding of the meta at the moment beyond it being likely to be lots of marines, knights and wraith knights.

Please have a look at the list and let me know your thoughts. Any tips advice or tactics greatly welcomed.


Unit  Wargear Points
Command HQ 60
Chimera 65
Commissar 25
Priest 25
Life Guards (Stormtroopers) flamer 75
(T) Taurox Prime taurox gatling cannon 90
Ratlings 50
Bullgryns 3 Bullgryns with power mauls, 2 with slab shields 280
Command Section  30
(T) Chimera 65
Squad 1  50
(T) Chimera 65
Squad 2  50
(T) Chimera 65
Squad 3  50
(T) Taurox 50
Veteran Squad Missile Launcher, grenade launcher 80
Chimera 65
Fast Attack
Rough Riders squad  5 Roughriders, 1 melta gun, 1 Plasma gun 80
Hellhound 125
Heavy Support
3 Thudd Guns 150
Thunderbolt 180
Wyvern 65
TOTAL  1840


  1. No idea on tactics, but if there's an award for best looking or most interesting army, then you've won.

    1. Haha, cheers Dai! That's the award I'd like to win, any effectiveness on the battlefield is purely secondary. Do you think putting the Baneblade in makes the army better looking? Bearing in mind I'd have to cut 500pts from somewhere

    2. Nah - a mass of guard squads/units always looks better than big armoured vehicles imo. But that's my humble opinion.

  2. Keep your leaders close to abuse orders as much as possible, it really ups your game. It's actually not a bad list, MSU, armored, will be fun to play and grab objectives with your objective secured troops. You're right about lack of everything you said, but at least you'll have fun and with special weapons in your troop choices could put a hurt down.

    Also bullgryns with mauls can really wreck face if you can get them into close combat.

    1. Do you think I should throw the odd melta gun into the infantry squads? I have a load of lascannons painted too that could be switched in (obviously need to cut some points from somewhere though). I kind of either think I need to properly tool the army to kill knights and land raiders etc, or alternatively not bother at all, any hallway house is likely just a waste of points.
      My only concession to AT at the moment is the Thunderbolt which is mediocre at best.
      With the number of heavy bolters, multi lasers and templates of the wyvern and thud guns I think I have a good chance of killing any units I can wound.

    2. I'd add the melta guns for sure, you're fast enough to get up close and worry them. Add in an order or two to the squad to ignore cover or get tank hunter added and you're very very dangerous all the sudden. I throw in a div psyker to try and get rerolls on some of my tank hunting vets, it's usually a hard hitter if they make it there.

      A lascannon battery or 5 would work in a static list but your list is not static at all clearly haha.

    3. Haha, yeah a lascannon battery isn't really my style! I'll see if I can fit a few melta guns in, though it'll mean cutting something somewhere. I'm also wondering if a regimental banner might useful on the HQ.
      The threat of the melta guns might be more valuable than their actual contribution.

    4. Sometimes that's very true, you can funnel people afraid of that threat bubble for sure. The standard might be if you keep them close, I found that's totally personal preference. I look forward to seeing how it goes!

    5. This 10 points is the last thing to decide. Do I go melta gun, or... Autocannon! I love a good autcannon

  3. I am in officially no good place to advise, but from the now echoey halls of the Cadian 24th main drill hall, we wish you all the very best!

    Hope all's well, matey.

    1. Cheers buddy! Things are grand and the regiment is keeping itself out of trouble while awaiting their next chance at glory.
      Did you manage to sell the 24th in the end? Maybe there is still time for them to have one more outing!

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