Sunday, 25 November 2012

A sneak peak at the campaign weekend...

Back from Nottingham and finally back in a house with fully working internet! 

Unfortunately not enough time to craft a proper report on all the various goings on of the weekend, that will have to wait for later in the week ahead, but I am content to give you a sneak peak with a few of the 100+ photos I took over the weekend.

Unfortunately I have just been told that I have no space left for photos on my blog... very sorry about this. In the mean time I'd like to direct you to the warhammer world facebook page where there will be a rather large Praetorian treat waiting for you...

I'll try and sort this and make up for it with a post full of a sickening number photos!

Friday, 23 November 2012

Praetorian's make planetfall on Gaois Secondus!

Greetings everyone

A post of the most brief nature. I have just finished painting the bombard and now its time to head to Nottingham! (making their first ever appearance this weekend will be the heavy squad, hydra, bombard, The colonels dog and an aegis defence line with quad cannon.

Rather fittingly all the forgeworld purchases I made at Badab are now painted and will be returning to where they came from. I think it is time to make a few more forge world purchases... a thunderbolt for sure, but what else...

Finally internet in my home is up and running so there will be nothing stopping me inundating you all with photos of the my army (and Commissar Dave's!) when they take to field against the enemy.

I've yet to even write the army lists yet! I think it'll be a pen and paper job this evening.

Wish me luck!

Friday, 16 November 2012

Praetorians muster for campaign on Gaois Secundus

Greetings everyone

Apologise for the lack of activity in recent weeks. I've recently moved house and am still waiting for the rather slow Internet people to hook my house up! Consequently I'm limited to Internet on my phone which is not good for blogging!

Sadly this means no photos in this post as the iPhone doesn't seem to let me upload any directly. Anyway, I have just finished a hydra flak tank for my guard and am hoping to finish up a unit of 3 mortars and another command section for next weekend. The reason for that being I'm off to Nottingham again!

The planetary governor of Gaois Secondus sent a desperate plea for help to praetorian high command who duly responded. However they did not send merely one regiment but two! My army will be joining commissar dave's army up there and we will be teaming up for the doubles game, 4000 points of praetorian goodness.

I will take a whole load of photos when I'm up there so you will be able to see all the action when I get back (and have Internet finally sorted!). It's also my birthday next week so I might just treat myself to a large lump of resin up in Nottingham, I've always wanted a thunderbolt, but then again I've always wanted a marauder too...