Friday, 13 January 2012

Finished! Praetorian Command HQ!

Well mostly finshed, the banner is in the draft stage and will take a good few hours to put together. Here are photos of the finished HQ!

I'll post some more pictures when I've finished the banner, you can get an idea what it will look like from the pictures, thinkgs will also be added to the 4 corners. Probably a check patern bottom right and a fight scene from their campaign in Armageddon with a Praetorian and Ork in the top right. Not sure when I will get that done as I have a busy weekend ahead but I'm keen to finish the unit off now!
Feel free to comment!


  1. Absolutely brilliant! I love the Colonel, he is fantastic! I wish I could paint like you!!

  2. Very, very cool! Looking forward to seeing how the banner turns out - looking good so far!

  3. I cant believe how fast you are churning these out, and to such a high standard too! As others have said- they are just beautiful. You decided to keep the WW1 style legs? Personally I like them.

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    Yeah I left the WW1 boots (was too late by the time I realised) but I kinda liket them so not a problem after all. Im starting to think DKOK troops could make good (expensive!!!) storm troopers or grenadier vets after how these have turned out.
    I really am gutted that I don't have time to paint the banner over the next couple of days, I'm so eager to get it done and am looking forward to painting some interesting stuff on a flat surface. Only part of the banner painting I don't like is the back of the banner, what am I supposed to paint?!
    Also the photos are a bit cloudy and grey, not sure why but I'll sort it out for the final photos when the banner is done.
    Thanks again for the comments!

  5. The whole look of the mini with the vox in simply inspired: wonderful work mate!

    ...And this typeface is bloody hard work to read...

  6. Haha, I think your right, I'll stick to Arial! Glad you like the vox, I was pondering how to paint that for a while (particularly the data slate), I'm really pleased with how it turned out.

  7. Mate they are really nice, and I really like the colour scheme. My command squad is of the same model's apart from the vox caster. I went with this col as I thought like yourself was a really nice model and screamed Praetorian. Did you find that converting them really easy to? I did and found that I did not have to do that much green stuff to repair any damage.

    Well done mate look forward to seeing how your banner turn's out, plus I would love to see how you made it.

  8. Thanks Dave! I had a good look at your Colonel before setting off to do mine. After seeing how these guys look I'm really leaning towards getting the DKOK grenadiers and head swaping them (and adding epaulettes and something else to the helmets to make them more 'elite' perhaps the Roman style helmet crests like Gravis has been playing with) to make storm troopers, especially as they come ready made with epaulettes and armour to justify the 4+ save.

    I'm going to try and get some of the banner done tonight snd finish the rest tomorrow. It was made from an old blood angels assault marine standard bearer (I've never collected them, not sure why I ever had it...)the pole/spacemarine hand was removed, anything blood angels removed, a few extra purity seals and laurel wreath (from empire knights) added, a pole through the middle with the Prateorian lion on top and there you go! Quite a different style banner to your usual guard but I like it, also nice and flat and easy to paint, don't know what to do with the back of the banner though.

  9. If you're feeling really fancy, you could always paint a muted version of the front's image in reverse, as if the material is becoming see-through!

    (I jest)

  10. Where does the Colonel model come from??

    1. They are all Forge World Death Korps of Krieg with their heads replaced with pith helmets