Thursday, 12 January 2012

Praetorian Command HQ - Almost done!

I never seem to fancy painting much when I get home from work, instead in find myself starting to paint around 9/10pm. Next thing I know my vision is going a bit blurry and I'm not quite so steady any more, I look at the clock and it is 1am, that would be why... going to be fun getting up.

After that little ramble heres a photo of the almost finished HQ!!!

At present everything which is black (or scorched brown aquilla and helmet band) is unpainted. So still a bit to do but not a lot. The other remaining hurdle is the banner, I have a design I wish to paint which I have pencil drawn onto the banner itself, I posted some drawings a while back and here's the picture again

Painting the Rough Riders banner was a pain but this one is wonderfully flat! I think for this one the gloves are well and truely off!

Hopefully tomorrow (today as it is 1am...) will be the day I can finish these guys off!


  1. ooh! These a really looking good.

  2. Nice! Those are looking top notch! Love the re-work of the Krieg commander, simply awesome!

  3. That's a lovely example of both conversion and painting. Nicely done, Colonel!