Saturday, 24 January 2015

The evolution of the Praetorian IV

I started writing this blog back in November 2011 as a way to kick start my hobbying after the best part of a decade away.

The army was fairly small in a state of some disrepair those years ago and in dire need of some attention. In terms of how many points I could field painted, it was little more than 1000pts (if that!), I remember that when I played back then I would tool up as much as possible just to fill the points!

Now I strip everything down to the bare lasguns and can field over 4000pts! Times have indeed changed and hopefully they will change some more so that I will be posting photos of 8000pts in another year or two!

How the army has changed over the years. In no small part due to the inspiration and support of all my followers on here. Lets take a look at some old blog photos and take a stroll down Praetorian memory lane...

Up first we have three photos from the very first post back in November 2011. Here we have the predecessor to colonel Winterborne. Before I converted the DKOK command squad I used the original command section models and had Cadian colonel filling. The colonel was originally painted for a golden daemon entry circa 2003/4 when we was mascarading as a titan princeps accompanied by an epic titan legion battle group.

This photo shows all the tanks in their original form. They were painted also in circa 2003 and featured transfers and an utter lack of my now common battle damage and freehand. The main camo colour of the tanks proved to be impossible to replicate due to the change in the paint ranges (snakebite leather sadly bit the zandri dust...) and you will later see the progression in colour in the newer tanks.

Also the eagle eyes will notice the 'exterminator' which has heavy bolters in the turret too! If the veteran (I guess I'm a veteran these days despite being only late 20s) among you cast your mind back, over a decade ago GW released rules that meant you could build your own tanks and pay for various weapons, armour values etc. This variant was to be the Leman Russ Bulldog! I eventually tracked down some autocannons back in 2012 and brought it up to STC spec.

The only infantry at this time was one 10 man squad, the command section and the lancers. A pitiful excuse of an army in all honesty! It was high time I got painting!

Now we fast forward to June 2012. After a frantic 6 months of painting the army went to war in the Badab sector and made the journey up to Warhammer World. They featured the innovation of the explosion markers (I believe I was one of the first to do this) which caught a lot of people's eye and we now have the converted rough riders, storm troopers, commissar lord, a load more tanks and infantry and of course the good colonel himself!

This was the first of several accolades for the army as I picked up best painted!

In terms of addition to the army this must be the golden age of productivity! I need to recapture that drive and get back to it. Perhaps its time for a campaign weekend or big battle to get me motivated...

We now have August 2012 and Praetorian High Command saw fit to attach a mighty Macharius Vanquisher to the army. This photo was taken on the Khemri display board at Warhammer World and is probably the only time the desert camo army has actually been in the desert!

A return to Warhammer World December 2012 where the army picked up another Best Painted! Here we see some fortifications, a couple more forgeworld tanks and some more heavy weapons. Every time I went up there forgeworld stole my money. I say stealing because I really had no say in the matter.

Another photo of the army taken the same weekend, making the most of the lovely gaming boards for some more spectacular photos. That cardboard box under the table contains the next addition to the army. Any ideas what it could be?

On the red ash of the Armageddon wastes we see the army July 2013. We now have the Thunderbolt fighter, the thudd guns, techpriest a few more guardsmen and the chosen men. The army cleaned up in terms of killing orks and was narrowly beaten into second in terms of painting by a beautiful Sisters army.

And now back to present day with the photos taken earlier just a few days ago.

The notable additions now are the two Taurox. Sadly due to real life hobby time has been much reduced in the last year and so the expansion of the army has stalled a few times. A couple of big moves have been causing all sort of problems however with the new year and less moves, we are hopefully heralding in a new age of hobby prosperity for the brave soldiers of Praetoria!

Thanks for following everyone! I'll do my best to keep the posting up!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Praetorian IV Mechanised Infantry whole army photos

Greetings everyone

This post has been a long time in coming. My last photo of the whole army is woefully out of date so I think it is high time I took a new one. I've also finally taken lots of new individual photos of various units which will be featuring in future posts.

Whenever I check other people's blogs one of my favourite things is always the photos of their whole army. For me, seeing a beautifully painted army is really what this hobby is all about!

So without further ado here is the glorious Praetorian IV Mechanised infantry.

 photo DSC_1290_zps04751d4d.jpg

Here we have all the fully painted elements of the army. It's been a while since I've played a game. In fact a long while, they've never taken to the field as astra militarium! If I had to make a guess on the points value of the army I'd think it would be about 4000pts.

 photo DSC_1289_zpsabe7737a.jpg

A few closer photos that were taken while setting the army up. I'm still getting the hang of this photo taking business. It's a skill that I need to master!

 photo DSC_1255_zps59f58cdb.jpg

 photo DSC_1253_zps968a2117.jpg

Here we have the entire IV Mechanised, including the unpainted reinforcements. This will give you an idea of quite how much of a mammoth painting challenge lies ahead! We have the bane blade, wyvern, a couple of infantry platoons, highland guard, bullgryns...

 photo DSC_1213_zpsc8e6c43f.jpg

If I get any more guard I'm going to need to get a bigger table...

In the next post I will take you through some (i hope they are) high definition close ups of some units which will hopefully be able to properly convey the details on the models and my painting. Its one of my frequent comments from followers I meet in the flesh 'they look much better in the flesh'!

Thanks for having a look!

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

What's on the painting table?

Hey everyone!

So roughly a week after my last update we have another! I'm trying to stick to my resolutions and post lots of lovely updates for your enjoyment.

A brief post for the moment just giving you a snapshot of what lies on my painting table and a glimpse of what models you can expect to appear in posts soon.

 photo image13_zps423eb138.jpg

Here we are mid way through painting the main colour on the tanks. Just a couple more drybrushes to go and then it'll be on to all the detail.

 photo image23_zps94683127.jpg

Here is the Baneblade at the Baylor brown stage of painting. Don't worry it usually looks it a bit yellowy at this stage.

 photo image43_zps9ff7186e.jpg

Here we see the mortar teams (years overdue) the remaining 5 lifeguards and the two almost finished riflemen.

 photo image33_zps8fdd88e3.jpg

Here we have the bullgryns lurking behind the Highland Scions. I'm very much looking forward to painting these guys.

In my next post I will have some more painted models for you!

Thanks for reading

Monday, 5 January 2015

Bullgryn Update

Happy new year to everyone!

Here's the first of many many more posts this year. I've made a number of resolutions to myself this year and one of them is to get back to hobbying and blogging!

The bullgryns will be the first project of the new year and at the same time I'm going to review my blog and have a think about updating all the various parts of it.

To kick us off her is the latest WIP photo of the bullgryn. He is the test bullgryn so is currently being worked on solo, however when I then go on to paint the other 4 and Nork I will post tutorials for the other aspects of the model. In the last post I covered the armour and the trousers.

In the above picture you will see that the skin is now painted with the eyes simply shaded for the time being. The grey will eventually be white like the rest of the belts etc on the army and the rest of the model has been undercoated black. 

I've learnt a lot from this model already and know some mistakes I need to avoid when painting the rest of the squad. The armour makes painting some parts of the model an absolute nightmare as there is detail buried in the cracks. To avoid this on the future models I am going to consider having a second black undercoat in between the gas mask and the armour/neck so that at least no white shows through. 

Hopefully the next post will show this guy fully painted and then the posts that follow showing the steps on the rest of the squad. 

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Bullgryn WIP with painting steps

Hello everyone!

I am finally reunited with my paints and some of my models! Hurrah!

Some brave guardsmen and some bone 'eaded bullgryns traversed the wintery wasteland of the Terran continent Europa Majoris and have safely arrived at their new barracks. Their journey was inexplicably delayed for several weeks due to warps storms and they have been screened for heresy by the commisariat.

There is plenty finally for me to paint in my new home and so tonight I decided to get back to it and to get started on something a little different with the bullgryns.

 photo IMG_2088_zpsd2f188e2.jpg

There are going to be a lot of photos following which show stage by stage the process on a couple of ogryn so words will be sparse until the end. I'll include the brush and paint details as I go however.

I gave the colour scheme some though and eventually settled on mixing my tank painting with my infantry painting. All the big armour was going to be painted in the same method as my tanks and the fatigues in the same colours as the infantry. A bold move. Would it work? lets find out...

 photo IMG_2090_zps62dceb87.jpg

Stage 1 XV88

I used a nunber 2 windsor newton brush for this model unless otherwise specified. It's one of the larger brushes but keeps a great point. I'm not such a fan of smaller brushes.

 photo IMG_2091_zpsfa3b4550.jpg

 photo IMG_2092_zpsfee3d0ad.jpg

 photo IMG_2093_zps38288615.jpg

 photo IMG_2094_zps095b8394.jpg

50/50 mix reikland fleshshade and nuln oil

 photo IMG_2095_zps44239032.jpg

 photo IMG_2097_zps0cf4fb4f.jpg

 photo IMG_2098_zpsb3d43709.jpg

 photo IMG_2099_zpsefc0355f.jpg

Paints just in case we forget what they look like...

 photo IMG_2100_zps54fab3f7.jpg

Drybrush of XV88 using the GW tank brush.

 photo IMG_2101_zps2f9a55bf.jpg

 photo IMG_2102_zpsf9d623a4.jpg

 photo IMG_2103_zps6bf82695.jpg

 photo IMG_2104_zps91936f36.jpg

Drybrush of Baylor brown using the GW tank brush

 photo IMG_2105_zpsf46e3e7d.jpg

 photo IMG_2106_zps4477b286.jpg

 photo IMG_2107_zpsab030e63.jpg

 photo IMG_2108_zps248b7b22.jpg

 photo IMG_2109_zps3b6eebae.jpg

Drybrush of Ushabti bone using the GW tank brush (wait does the tank brush still exist? Its essentially a very large drybrush).

 photo IMG_2110_zpsacd2dfd8.jpg

 photo IMG_2111_zpsdacd2f5d.jpg

 photo IMG_2112_zpsf3196cb0.jpg

 photo IMG_2113_zpsa5e25f17.jpg

Washed once again with the 50/50 mix used earlier

 photo IMG_2114_zps21f1cb4c.jpg

 photo IMG_2115_zpsb2e42da7.jpg

 photo IMG_2116_zpsc7d858ab.jpg

 photo IMG_2117_zpsaf931146.jpg

Cadian fleshtone (tallarn flesh's replacement though I'm not entirely sold on it). Don't worry I'm not painting him naked, I used the same base colour for the skin as the uniforms. I find it works well and makes my infantry that bit quicker and easier.

 photo IMG_2118_zpsf6a9cec4.jpg

 photo IMG_2120_zps9cef969c.jpg

It looks like I missed a stage. Apply reikland fleshshade to the model and then when dry apply a 50/50 cadian fleshtone, ushabti bone mix leaving the washed colour in the recesses.

 photo IMG_2121_zps57498ee3.jpg

Now use ushabti bone to highlight.

 photo IMG_2122_zps46506b17.jpg

 photo IMG_2126_zps6a9fbc91.jpg

and finally add some white to the ushabti bone for the final highlight.

 photo IMG_2128_zps21d9bdb5.jpg

There you go that's where we are up to for now. I'm pleased so far, when I start adding in the black and paint the flesh it'll really come together.

The plan will be to weather the armour just like my tanks too. All the belts etc will be white like my infantry and there will be some red somewhere as its another of my colours for the army.

Word of advice if you decide to paint up some bulglryns, their poses are a pain for painting as it leaves lots of almost impossible bits to reach, particularly with the armour as it clips on like a shell over the usual torso. Try and paint it off if possible but it would mean having the model armless too due to the way it is constructed.

I hope this was both useful and interesting. If you would like me to post the next part in the same manner please do let me know. It'll likely be two weeks before that will happen due to Christmas and the fact I will once again be in a different country to my hobby stuff... Bah humbug.

If I don't post again before, Merry Christmas everyone!