Saturday, 1 August 2015

Second Siege of Agratha - Prelude

Praetorian IV Mechanised Infantry under the command of Colonel Animus Winterborne. 
Somewhere on the Mputu Ridge 50km Southwest of Bolan flats. 


Colonel Winterborne - How did the greenskins manage to breach the cordon? Details man, give me bloody details. 

Lieutenant Tavistock - Seemingly they breached at the Barlon flats and made straight for Agratha. The Tallarns posted there are... gone.

Colonel Winterborne - What the Hades do you mean gone?

Lieutenant Tavistock - Dead sir, every last one, the camp now resembles a charnel house. The Tallarns were seemingly caught by surprise, our scouts couldn't find a single living soul. 

Captain Caine - 2 full regiments of Tallarns... How on earth did the greenskin filth manage to take them by surprise? Commander Al'tshan is no fool.

Colonel  Winterborne - Quite Captain, seemingly the threat has been sorely underestimated. What intelligence was recovered? We must have something on what happened. 

Enginseer Argus - I can be of assistance Colonel. While the data feeds of the base are unrecoverable I have accessed the pict and audio feeds of a number of badly damaged munition servitors. By piecing together the data and...

Lord Stern - Enough techpriest, speak plainly, what happened?

Enginseer Argus - Apologies my Lord. Somehow the orks managed to conceal their presence until they were right on top of the base, by the time the alarm was raised it was too late. It is not known precisely how this feat was achieved, but closer inspection of etheric data suggests a powerful psyker was present. 

Captain Caine - How could one primitive ork psyker manage such a deception? 

Primaris Savant - It is true ork psykers lack finesse, however the way in which they harness the warp is markedly different from ours... how can I explain... numbers my lords, numbers...

Lord Stern - Primaris I grow impatient, what are you saying? 

Primaris Savant - ...the...the psyker feeds off the orks nearby, to achieve the deception needed to fool the augurs and sentries... I don't think we've seen a horde this size since planet fall. It's beyond even the most pessimistic predictions. Even if the Tallarns hadn't been count unawares... They wouldn't have stood a chance. 

Captain Caine - Holy Throne of Terra...

Colonel Winterborne - Captain! You are Praetorian and must remember to conduct yourself as such. 

Captain Caine - Yes Sir. Apologies sir. 

Colonel Winterborne - Lieutenant, Have you managed to get through to high command yet and notify them of the breach of the cordon. 

Lieutenant Tavistock - All long range communications are still being jammed sir, we are still cut off from high command. We have had no contact from any new regiments. There remains only one other regiment that we are contact with via long wave vox, they are continuing to make best speed for Agratha.

Colonel Winterborne - Looks like it will be down to us to see to the ork menace. I almost pity the greenskins. 2 of Praetoria's finest and being outnumbered only 50 to 1 by the orks barely seems sporting does it. Captain Caine, give the orders for the regiment to form up, let the men know it is time to fight alongside our Praetorian brothers again. 

Captain Caine - Gladly sir.

Colonel Winterborne - One more thing, Lord Stern, ensure the men desist with this Drax's last stand nonsense. He may not be Praetorian but he is no fool and decorum must be maintained. I won't be a bloody footnote in someone else's last stand, the emperor has far grander plans for this glorious regiment. See to it. 

Lord Stern - Consider it done Colonel.

Colonel Winterborne - Lieutenant, update the fourth on our latest intelligence and inform them that we will now make best speed for Agratha. Also, get me Gravis on the Vox, I intend to find out if he is a betting man... 


Sunday, 26 July 2015

Finished Praetorian Baneblade

Finally another new addition to the army, the mighty Baneblade!

After excessive delays due to real life I finally managed to dust off my paints and brushes and finish the Baneblade off. In my last post great progress had been made and I was finishing off the freehand before then working on extensive weathering and painting the stowage. Without further delay, lets take a look! (apologies for the very ad-hoc photos!)

 photo image_zps3aapmxdb.jpg

As you can see I've gone to town with the weathering. There are painted chips, sponge chips, washes for dirt and damage, track weathering and scorch marks! Compare it to the new rolled out of the factory look and its quite the contrast.

 photo image_zpszc4n0ykl.jpg

You get a good view of some of the stowage I've used on the side. All my tanks are getting updated so they really have that 'on campaign' feel.

 photo image_zpsfyl72crp.jpg

The freehand skull mirrors that on the turret of the Macharius and in my mind is used to mark tanks in this superheavy squadron. The purity seal has some real age. I bought it in the 90s and it is from the old titan legions/epic space marine sets! Its metal and they were to put on your Titans.

 photo image_zps2re48a60.jpg

A good look at the Curious Constructs tank commander issuing orders from the command cupola. Also you get a good look at some of the blue glass and searchlight I've painted.

 photo image_zpsmomkol8r.jpg

No freehand on this side of the turret but you can see some more stowage and one of the plastic GW jerry cans.

 photo image_zpsunqrbnfz.jpg

Here you can see the main freehand on the side of the tank. Once again it mirrors the freehand on the macharius with black and white checks and red stripes. The lion motif is different but the thinking is they would be unique to the tanks themselves. Personally it's my favourite lion I've painted.

 photo image_zpsh7qzg6z3.jpg

Finally the rear of the tanks. I went minimal on the mechanics shrine with most of it being that bone/stone finish. I then picked out the purity seals and the mechanicus symbol. You can also see the upside down barrels on the right... the servitor responsible has been recycled.

I hope you all enjoyed having a look at the newest addition. Onwards and upwards now, time to paint something else new for the army. I really fancy having a crack at Nork Deddog...


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Baneblade nears completion

Greetings everyone! 

Sorry for the profound lack of blogging, it's been a ridiculous few months which has meant there has been no hobbying done at all. That said, I did manage the past couple of days to get some work done on my Baneblade! 

I've finished the main piece of freehand which mirrors to a degree that found on the Macharius. I've also tried a slightly different style lion and think it is my best one yet. Still to paint on the tank is some freehand on the turret and the mechanicus shrine on the rear. After that it'll be time to do some serious weathering! 

Originally I had converted a tank commander with a pipe (the VL head) and sabre but then I remembered I had one of curious constructs fantastic tank commanders all painted up without a tank! So I stuck him straight in there and he looks bloody marvelous. 

Fingers crossed it won't take too much longer to finish this behemoth! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Baneblade Painting Update

Hey everyone!

A very quick post to update you on my Baneblade progress. The tank is still in the 'very clean' phase meaning the metal is all bright and there are no chips or scratches. Almost the whole thing is done in terms of things to paint with the freehand, the black gun casings and the shrine on the back the only things still to be finished. Lets take a look!

This is the main freehand that we see on this side. The markings follow those that appear on the Macharius Vanquisher with some small difference. 

I did the shrine in a slightly different colour and now am not really sure whether to try and pick out all the detail. I suspect I'll paint the purity seals and perhaps the mechanicus skull and leave it at that.

A close up of the freehand work on the side. The lion, chequered pattern, IV and red stripes are properly painted (though I might alter or add to them), the scroll is simply the draft area and writing. Lions Similar to this feature on all the tanks and heraldry in my army, however this one has the biggest mane befitting the tanks size.

I'd love to hear your comments and feedback. Also any suggestions on things to change or add please let me know!


Monday, 20 April 2015

Imperial Guard vs Aspect Warriors classic White Dwarf battle report

Hi everyone

Sadly my last post was more than a week ago so after almost 4 months I have eventually broken my blogging resolution. But I gave it a good at least I think! 

No new models painted unfortunately. Lots of real life style has gotten well and truly in the way. But I have put together a rather different post that I hope you will all enjoy.

All the new Eldar rumours and releases got me thinking back to 2nd Edition when you saw some truly wonderful Eldar armies that featured all of the apsect warriors and all manner of crazy wargear. The rumoured new rules seem to indicate a return to seeing this style of play with boosts for the aspect warriors and a considerable amount of D weaponry being fielded.

I'm very much looking forward to facing the new Eldar dex with my guard and the D weapons don't bother me in the slightest! they might as well be bolt guns given how squishy regular guardsmen are. The changes all look quite fluffy and characterful to me. 

Anyway, I digress, the changes got me thinking back about the good old days and my mind turned to all the white dwarf magazine I accumulated in the 90s (when the magazines were amazing). So this evening I ventured into the loft and found a few dusty old boxes stacked with the magazines! Not only the white dwarfs, but the citadel journals (they always had great conversions), and various game specific magazines for things like BFG and Mordheim.  

So without further ado here are some photos from a selection of white dwarfs and classic imperial Guard vs Eldar where we see the aspect warrior army!


 photo IMG_4173_zpsp63nfepg.jpg

 photo IMG_4174_zpssflsax9a.jpg

 photo IMG_4175_zpsudsrs9mn.jpg

 photo IMG_4176_zpszoezqnmq.jpg

 photo IMG_4177_zps1qmdkxpk.jpg

 photo IMG_4178_zpsprloepku.jpg

 photo IMG_4179_zpsigsn0u78.jpg

 photo IMG_4180_zpsytfiafug.jpg

 photo IMG_4181_zpsutdez4dy.jpg

 photo IMG_4182_zpske8ymhfc.jpg

 photo IMG_4183_zpsuquvbguk.jpg

 photo IMG_4184_zpslx0fzcl0.jpg

 photo IMG_4185_zpsb4sz6uhr.jpg

 photo IMG_4186_zpsugfgzyfe.jpg

I absolutely love the old Epic range. Such a shame it isn't supported any more.

 photo IMG_4187_zpscwa0kedu.jpg

 photo IMG_4188_zps4iqdqvjn.jpg

 photo IMG_4189_zpsoq468xfz.jpg

Ichar IV was a big campaign run back in the early/mid 90s. Anyone else remember it?

 photo 7f08a10c-d061-4a5a-bf9f-150b8a62439c_zpsbqlsci25.jpg

Here is a part of the very first article that revealed the Eversor Assassin.

 photo IMG_4191_zpsoso5ibwq.jpg

Now some classic guard armies I found in various White Dwarfs.

 photo IMG_4192_zpsuwntifrb.jpg

 photo IMG_4193_zpsqhumhxaz.jpg

A few sneaky Praetorians made their way into White Dwarfs from time to time.

 photo IMG_4194_zpsx3qcsnqt.jpg

 photo IMG_4195_zps84fznffd.jpg

 photo IMG_4196_zpsbeaeez8o.jpg

 photo IMG_4197_zps6zdzyqa6.jpg

 photo IMG_4198_zpswbkofeyf.jpg

 photo IMG_4199_zpszqdegsuc.jpg

Fingers crossed I will finally have some painting updates for you all next week!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Baneblade update

Hello everyone!

Here we have two quick snaps of the Baneblade I've been working on. Sadly I haven't got as much work done on it as I would have liked, but progress is still progress! 

I've now completed painting the white on all of the skulls and aquilla on the tank. Next step is going to be painting all of the black and metal. When that is done it'll be on to deciding the freehand for the tank.

This view gives you a good idea of all the blue glass and lights that I painted and the white aquilla. 

Fingers crossed the next post will give you lots of new things to look at!

Thanks for reading!