Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Baneblade nears completion

Greetings everyone! 

Sorry for the profound lack of blogging, it's been a ridiculous few months which has meant there has been no hobbying done at all. That said, I did manage the past couple of days to get some work done on my Baneblade! 

I've finished the main piece of freehand which mirrors to a degree that found on the Macharius. I've also tried a slightly different style lion and think it is my best one yet. Still to paint on the tank is some freehand on the turret and the mechanicus shrine on the rear. After that it'll be time to do some serious weathering! 

Originally I had converted a tank commander with a pipe (the VL head) and sabre but then I remembered I had one of curious constructs fantastic tank commanders all painted up without a tank! So I stuck him straight in there and he looks bloody marvelous. 

Fingers crossed it won't take too much longer to finish this behemoth! 

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Baneblade Painting Update

Hey everyone!

A very quick post to update you on my Baneblade progress. The tank is still in the 'very clean' phase meaning the metal is all bright and there are no chips or scratches. Almost the whole thing is done in terms of things to paint with the freehand, the black gun casings and the shrine on the back the only things still to be finished. Lets take a look!

This is the main freehand that we see on this side. The markings follow those that appear on the Macharius Vanquisher with some small difference. 

I did the shrine in a slightly different colour and now am not really sure whether to try and pick out all the detail. I suspect I'll paint the purity seals and perhaps the mechanicus skull and leave it at that.

A close up of the freehand work on the side. The lion, chequered pattern, IV and red stripes are properly painted (though I might alter or add to them), the scroll is simply the draft area and writing. Lions Similar to this feature on all the tanks and heraldry in my army, however this one has the biggest mane befitting the tanks size.

I'd love to hear your comments and feedback. Also any suggestions on things to change or add please let me know!


Monday, 20 April 2015

Imperial Guard vs Aspect Warriors classic White Dwarf battle report

Hi everyone

Sadly my last post was more than a week ago so after almost 4 months I have eventually broken my blogging resolution. But I gave it a good at least I think! 

No new models painted unfortunately. Lots of real life style has gotten well and truly in the way. But I have put together a rather different post that I hope you will all enjoy.

All the new Eldar rumours and releases got me thinking back to 2nd Edition when you saw some truly wonderful Eldar armies that featured all of the apsect warriors and all manner of crazy wargear. The rumoured new rules seem to indicate a return to seeing this style of play with boosts for the aspect warriors and a considerable amount of D weaponry being fielded.

I'm very much looking forward to facing the new Eldar dex with my guard and the D weapons don't bother me in the slightest! they might as well be bolt guns given how squishy regular guardsmen are. The changes all look quite fluffy and characterful to me. 

Anyway, I digress, the changes got me thinking back about the good old days and my mind turned to all the white dwarf magazine I accumulated in the 90s (when the magazines were amazing). So this evening I ventured into the loft and found a few dusty old boxes stacked with the magazines! Not only the white dwarfs, but the citadel journals (they always had great conversions), and various game specific magazines for things like BFG and Mordheim.  

So without further ado here are some photos from a selection of white dwarfs and classic imperial Guard vs Eldar where we see the aspect warrior army!


 photo IMG_4173_zpsp63nfepg.jpg

 photo IMG_4174_zpssflsax9a.jpg

 photo IMG_4175_zpsudsrs9mn.jpg

 photo IMG_4176_zpszoezqnmq.jpg

 photo IMG_4177_zps1qmdkxpk.jpg

 photo IMG_4178_zpsprloepku.jpg

 photo IMG_4179_zpsigsn0u78.jpg

 photo IMG_4180_zpsytfiafug.jpg

 photo IMG_4181_zpsutdez4dy.jpg

 photo IMG_4182_zpske8ymhfc.jpg

 photo IMG_4183_zpsuquvbguk.jpg

 photo IMG_4184_zpslx0fzcl0.jpg

 photo IMG_4185_zpsb4sz6uhr.jpg

 photo IMG_4186_zpsugfgzyfe.jpg

I absolutely love the old Epic range. Such a shame it isn't supported any more.

 photo IMG_4187_zpscwa0kedu.jpg

 photo IMG_4188_zps4iqdqvjn.jpg

 photo IMG_4189_zpsoq468xfz.jpg

Ichar IV was a big campaign run back in the early/mid 90s. Anyone else remember it?

 photo 7f08a10c-d061-4a5a-bf9f-150b8a62439c_zpsbqlsci25.jpg

Here is a part of the very first article that revealed the Eversor Assassin.

 photo IMG_4191_zpsoso5ibwq.jpg

Now some classic guard armies I found in various White Dwarfs.

 photo IMG_4192_zpsuwntifrb.jpg

 photo IMG_4193_zpsqhumhxaz.jpg

A few sneaky Praetorians made their way into White Dwarfs from time to time.

 photo IMG_4194_zpsx3qcsnqt.jpg

 photo IMG_4195_zps84fznffd.jpg

 photo IMG_4196_zpsbeaeez8o.jpg

 photo IMG_4197_zps6zdzyqa6.jpg

 photo IMG_4198_zpswbkofeyf.jpg

 photo IMG_4199_zpszqdegsuc.jpg

Fingers crossed I will finally have some painting updates for you all next week!

Sunday, 12 April 2015

Baneblade update

Hello everyone!

Here we have two quick snaps of the Baneblade I've been working on. Sadly I haven't got as much work done on it as I would have liked, but progress is still progress! 

I've now completed painting the white on all of the skulls and aquilla on the tank. Next step is going to be painting all of the black and metal. When that is done it'll be on to deciding the freehand for the tank.

This view gives you a good idea of all the blue glass and lights that I painted and the white aquilla. 

Fingers crossed the next post will give you lots of new things to look at!

Thanks for reading!

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hobby Update

Hi everyone!

I hope you have all enjoyed the posts over the last few months. I am now back from Texas and am ready to get back to painting!

At the top of the list will be continuing work on the Baneblade. When I post again next week I hope to give you some serious progress on it.

I hate to put a post up with no photos at all so here is a photo of my old school rough riders, converted and painted circa 2001.

 photo DSC_1445_zps99ee10d6.jpg

I was having a think about when I must have painted them and I can recall it must have been when the first Lord of the Rings movies and miniatures came out. The reason being the lances are uruk hai pikes!

They now look dated,  and certainly compared to the painting standard of the rest of the army they are a little out of place. However. I'm still fond of them, you've got to love Rough Riders!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Tank stowage and base updates

Welcome the last of the posts I scheduled before I went away for a month. In this post I will share a few photos of the updating that is going on throughout the army, with a new base scheme and new tank stowage to keep them provisioned on the coming campaigns.

Here we have the first batch of troops which have been fully updated. We have 4 squads of 10 guardsmen, 3 AT teams, 3 mortar teams, 3 Thudd gun teams, Command HQ, 3 chimera and 1 Taurox. Additionally various characters like the techpriest and the Lord Commissar.

 photo IPHNE 2924_zpsz6qtdtfx.jpg

You can see that I've added lots of stones to the bases and painted them up in a gray slate colour to add an extra element to the army.

 photo IPHNE 2923_zpslxoxuwmj.jpg

You can see two of the Chimera here, they have had all their lenses painted, sponge weathering applied and new stowage added to hulls and turrets.

 photo IPHNE 2922_zpsbcbyfypb.jpg

The command section's chimera has all sorts of bags and packs strapped to it. You can see that the gun cowl for the heavy bolter has also been painted now too.

 photo IPHNE 2921_zpstbdei08n.jpg

The Command HQ pictured here have had stones added. While only a little touch I think it really makes a difference and looks great.

 photo IPHNE 2920_zpstjasbpgx.jpg

Another photo of the chosen men.

 photo IPHNE 2918_zpsqqardrhh.jpg

Finally another photo of the new mortar teams.

Right, that's your lot for now. I'm back in the UK from 1st April and will look to get finishing the Baneblade as soon as I can!

Thanks for reading!