Sunday, 22 April 2018

A blast from the past...

Where does the time go?

It still seems like only yesterday that I was updating this blog pretty regularly. Now, I realise that it’s been in excess of a year since I uploaded anything and even longer since I did anything Praetorian!

Life, as so often happens, gets in the way of being an upstanding Colonel in the Praetorian Guard.

Anyway, I’m pleased to report that as of 11:00 PST (Praetorian Standard Time) on 22 day of April in the year 2018 of out lord and saviour the Emperor, work has once again commenced on the glorious 4th Praetorian Mechanised Infantry.

I will post more and in greater detail (believe it when you see it) in the coming weeks. But for now I’ll post a few photos and let you know what is to come.

I’ve started work on the Highland Grenadiers and a few lascannon teams to bulk out a heavy weapon squad. Most interestingly of all though... these are so I can play 30K! Ive been persuaded to join the Horus Heresy Narrative campaign at the London Grand Torunament next month. It means that almost all my armour is useless, but it does give me some fun modelling options, one in particular being a... LAND RAIDER!!! What Praetorian planetary governor would want to travel in a Land Raider Proteus and pretend he is playing original rogue trader?

To get done in the next month are another 14 vanilla guardsmen (to make three units of 20 lasgun guardsmen), the 10 Highland Grenadiers, 3 lascannon teams, a Leman Russ Demolisher and then Land Raider. Should be fun!

I’ll do my best to blog as I go. Thanks for still following my blog and I hope you like what I manage to put together for you all!

Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Blood Bowl Dark Elves!

A belated happy new year to everyone! Been absolutely ages since my last post. Real life has spectacularly gotten in the way recently, but more than that I rediscovered a long lost love... Blood Bowl! Now I know this blog is all about my beloved Praetorians but please allow me this indulgence to share with you what I've been working on these past few months, my Dark Elf Blood Bowl team and the simply phenomenal Dragon Bowl League (DBL) that I have been participating in in London. This all came about last August when I was invited to bring my Praetorian army down to the London Warhammer Gaming Guild (google it and come along to one of the meet ups if you've never heard of it! It's an absolutely fantastic group of people and very well run) for photos to feature in the post London 40K Grand Tournament newsletters. While at the club, a few members were engaging a warm up game of Blood Bowl for the upcoming Dragon Bowl 2016 season. I couldn't help but look down that rabbit hole... I was immediately hooked and desperate to take part. First question was, what team to use. Historically when it comes to Warhammer I have always been a massive Dark Elf fan and had an army in one form or another in Warhammer, Man O War, Warmaster and of course Blood Bowl. I had the full second edition Blood Bowl team that came out (Naggaorth Nightmares) and Horton Heartripper but dont think I ever got more than a couple of games in with them way back when. Given that Druchii blood runs deep within my veins I had no choice but to resurrect a Dark Elf team to play in the DBL!

Here is a photo of the Clar Karond Cleavers, champions of the Western Wanderers conference and champions of the prestigious Magenta Fist!  This photo was taken just before they travelled to the DBL Grand Final day where they had a semi final showdown against the mighty Dwarven team MC Warhammerers.

If you want to see more of these guys please let me know! I have plenty more photos to share, and really enjoyed converting and painting these models.

Thanks for looking!      

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Praetorian Blood Axe Kommandos?

Greetings everyone!

I've been hinting for sometime that I'v been working on something a little different for my army, something a little greener... well without further ado... a Blood Axe Kommando! 

Now before you call the Inquisition on me hear me out. Back when the Praetorians came out, part of the story of Big Toof river was that the badly led Imperial Guard had ignored the intelligence of their highly paid mercenary blood axe kommandos. In doing so they walked right into a trap fully believing the settlement to be lightly garrisoned. As you all know it did not end well for the Imperial Guard and led to Glazers Creek where the remnants of the 24th where holed up maintaining supply lines. 

Anyway, I've always loved the idea that the Blood Axes could be bribed to turn against their fellow greenskins. How far you trust their intelligence is another matter entirely. This inspired me to build a unit of kommandos to fight with my guard, either as proxies for something or simply as orks in bigger apocalypse style games where their sneaky skullduggery can be woven into the story.

Anyway enough guff about the fluff, let's talk models. This guy is one of Kromlech's fantastic Afrika Korp models. They have tonnes of character and with the uniforms I thought they would fit in a treat with my Praetorians.

This model was a lot of fun to paint and was also very straightforward. I actually painted him in parts, with the torso and legs glues together and then the arms and head separate. It was a pain when it came time to assemble him as I had to greenstuff the gaps on the arms, but it was worth it for ease of paint job.

The green for the skin is the GW method they demonstrate in their instructional video with an extra light highlight from me to make it that little better. The eyes are worked up to pure yellow in the centre too to give them a little extra interest.

The white webbing is the same as my regular guardsmen as is the uniform colour. I've changed the shorts to grey to add an extra colour or else I though it would end up far to mono colour. The gun itself is just plain silver as I was at a loss what to do with it!

Here we see the ork next to some of the Life Guards for a comparison of size and to see how the colours go together

This ork is pretty massive in comparison to the guardsman, just as it should be. I know orks are meant to be on the same size bases but I fancied they would look better on the new Space Marine bases and I think I prefer them on the bigger size.

Here we see the ork staring down the barrel of a Life Guard's flamethrower. You will see the vein on the ork arm which is painted with a slight blue hue

So there you have it, the first of a unit of 10 sneaky Blood Axes to add to the Praetorian IV.

I'd really love some feedback on this guy before I paint the best. In particular the following - the weapon, can I leave it just metal? I it needs another colour, what? What do you think of the skin, does it need to be darkeror different in another way? Does the model need more colour? 

Any feedback whatsoever would be greatly appreciated! 


Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Finished Praetorian Life Guards

Greetings all! 

A quick post with a few photos of some newly painted models that have been long on the workbench! 

Finally, about 3 to 4 years after the first 5 were finished, I have finally painted the second half of the Life Guards squad! Huzzah! 

No longer will I be forced to field a unit of 5 storm troopers to no effect whatsoever. I can now field a full squad of 10 to no effect whatsoever! Double Huzzah!

Anyway, lets take a look...

Photos aren't great (apologies for that), but here we see the whole squad on my painting table (chest of drawers). I really enjoyed some aspects of painting these fellas and I'm really pleased that they match the originals with little variance.

The three in the foreground are newbies. Painting these guys assemble with the arms in place was a massive pain. I think I'm going to start doing a little more painting of disassembled models. I'm reminded of the Highland Scions who are in need of paint and the thought of trying to get in to the detail is not filling me with joy!

I love the expressions on these guys. Victoria Lamb Praetorian heads are utterly brilliant. Bags of character in every model.

One final picture with a close up of this kneeling fella. I'm so pleased to get these done.

I'm now working on an as yet unseen and announced sneaky unit... I'm having to work out how to paint green...

Finally, there is blog you should all definitely check out if you don't already do so, Tale of Painters. I've followed it for years and have a link in my page banners. It is full of tutorials and the work of some inspirational painters and well worth a look. I also might add there is a fine Praetorian gentleman that has recently began contributing...


Wednesday, 29 June 2016

WIP Colonel of the Praetorian Highland Guard

Hello everyone!

Firstly sorry for still not having posted the battle report from the big Praetorian Bad Moon Orks game, it will arrive eventually... I promise!

But I've surely got to give you something by way of an apology so here are two photos of two new conversions for the army. The army is being expanded again and there are a whole raft of new models that will soon need painting.

I've downed brushes for the time being (I'm actually waiting for some new ones as I used the old to destruction!) and am busy converting new models. Soon to be added are a Leman Russ Demolisher, another Taurox (with the VL Wheels), the Tech Priest's Trojan, some servitors, some more priests, psykers and lots more guardsmen. Of particular note will be lots more Highlanders and some very very sneaky gitz... But more on the latter another time.

Anyway without further ado, two of the new WIP additions!

First up we have the new Colonel (rank and name subject to change) of the Highland Regiment. I recently ordered a load of Victoria Lamb bits and set to work converting up some new fellas and this man, with no real plan on my part, just came to life!

The axe (not enough guardsmen with axes are there?) was a freebie. I was inspired by some space marine characters (is it one of Calgars honour guards?) and gave the pointing axe pose a go. The arm was originally a sword arm. 

The pistol is a plasma pistol to complete the 'points sink what a ridiculous combination of wargear for a guard commander' look.

He will have a Highland command squad to accompany him in due course. I think he might become one of my favourite models...

Finally we have a Praetorian drummer girl! Its all VL bits, with a hat swap and the praetorian epaulettes rather than the stock shoulder guards the model came with. So much character in this model. I think she will need to join Captain Caine's command squad and no doubt I will need to convert a few more characters up to finish it off.

Sorry again for still not having the battle report! Soon, I promise!

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Orks sir, fasands of 'em! - The Bad Moons of Warboss Gorblud

Hi All.

As Col. Winterborne's opponent for this rather large battle, he has given me permission to overtake his blog temporarily to showcase my army.

I've been painting this Ork army for about the last 6 years, and the painted models I'm using for this game total about 5300pts with the current rules (rather handily a very similar amount to the Colonel's army). I've always loved Orks for the amazing conversion opportunities the army offers, and I've tried to make as many of my miniatures as unique as I could.

The below two pictures show the whole army. It currently consists of over 15 vehicles and 140 infantry. The whole army is painted as part of a Bad Moons clan, because I just love how much they stand out on the battlefield.

 photo Studio_20160607_213321_zps2mxnqffj.jpg

 photo Studio_20160607_213714_zpscdlhs8dq.jpg

I currently have six HQ choices in the Army (as shown in the picture below): 2 Warbosses, 2 Big Meks, a Weirdboy and a Painboy. The special rules and wargear that these boys bring to the battlefield are key to the army's success on the battlefield when used well. I've spent quite a lot of time converting and painting each of these and they're some of my favourite miniatures.

 photo Studio_20160607_213538_zpshn5xnyjc.jpg

Another two key units that will help determine the outcome of the battle are my superheavies - my Skulhamma Battlefortress (Baneblade conversion) and the mighty Stompa. Again, I really love the conversion opportunities these models offer but I must sadly admit I have yet to finish painting these epic miniatures. Painting my yellow paint scheme takes a rather long time, and because I don't have that many opportunities to use them on the battlefield they haven't quite made it to the top of my painting list yet.

 photo DSCF1067_zpsflcchcsr.jpg

 photo DSCF1066_zpsfrexzedu.jpg

I haven't got the space to show close ups of all my units but here are a couple of my favourites. Firstly, my Lootas - these are some of my favourite plastic miniatures GW have made. The models look great as individuals but even better in units. And in my favourite Bad Moon yellow colour scheme I think they look just superb. And secondly, my Kommandos (the one exception to my Bad Moon colour scheme). With this unit I wanted to make the sneakiest and most devious Orks I could. They're all converted from plastic kits to create some really cool and unique models and I felt models as sneaky as these (notice the huge silencers they're all sporting) needed a suitably sneaky paint scheme.

 photo DSCF1064_zpsnc7kicwe.jpg

 photo DSCF1060_zpsjgrknfvx.jpg

I'll now finish this post with the newest addition to my army (and also my favourite model) - my Dakkajet. I'm fairly certain this is the first bi-plane Dakkajet converted, and I'm so happy with how it looks. I have to admit that during the epic battle (that you're shortly going to see a battle report of) it was also not quite finished, so I've added a picture of it below from a week later (at the London W40k GT) with it fully painted.

 photo 20160529_120825_zpsdal1y89b.jpg