Thursday, 12 January 2012

Praetorian Colonel Finished!

I have finished the Colonel!!!

The rest of the squad are almost done as well, they still need their various weapons, vox and standard painting. So close, but with the standard still to paint still plenty to do.

In other news I played a game against Chaos space marines tonight. Here are a few photos.

I got the first turn and destoyed the defiler with the Veteran missile launcher, only for us to realise I was shooting through cover, he then passed the 4+ cover save. Other than that 1 marine was killed...

1st squad give the demon a taste of volley fire. No wounds. Though they do then tie it up in combat for 2 turns!

2nd squad advanced on the objective in opposing territory only to be charged by two marines and then spend the rest of the battle fleeing...

Colonel Winterborne surveys the battlefield from the treeline.

The veterans led by Lukas Bastone and joined by the Colonel and his HQ were engaged by the vile demon. Over the course of two turns they managed to strip the demon to 1 wound, Colonel Winterborne himself was only thwarted from slaying the monstrosity by two invulnerable saves.  By the end of the game only the Priest, Bastone, the Colonel and the Colour sergeant were left to contest the objective.
Final score Chaos- 1 Imperial- 0
It was a great game, chaos space marines proved tough to kill, but the stiff upper lip of my Praetorians was implacable!

I'll try to finish the banner and rest of the HQ for the next post. All comments are very welcome

Oh and on another note...

Look at the homemade titans!!! Made by a gamer called Mad Bob (sadly not pictured). Engaged in an apocalypse game against a lot of terminators. There were a lot of skitari and marines in the centre ground but were all killed when a warhound (look at the feet) went thermo nuclear!


  1. Fantastic paint!

    How do you feel Bastone performed? worth the points?

  2. Thanks!
    So far Bastone has performed well everytime. His LD10 means the Veterans stick around, the order is brilliant as you can have the unit away from the rest of the force and still issue an order, finally his power weapon in combat can be very handy in a fight (keep them in cover so they strike first when charged). Finally he adds come character to the army which is why I have him!

  3. Beautiful work, that's a model fit to lead your force. And they look great on the table!

  4. Man, I love that model - it is simply spectacular! Really looking forward to seeing the rest of the command squad. Keep up the great work!