Thursday, 28 June 2012

Finished Praetorian Macharius Vanquisher

Hi everyone

Amongst all the excitement for the release of 6th edition I have managed to put brush to model and have finished my first super heavy the Macharius Vanquisher!

I won't write a great deal as I will let the pictures do the talking. The tank was painted using the same methods as the 15 or so smaller tanks in the army and I'm pretty damn please with how it has turned out!

Now it's time to get to work on the crew for this monster!


Sunday, 24 June 2012

Macharius Vanquisher - Almost finished!

A few more photos of the Macharius in its almost finished state. One half has insignia on, aerials made (need to be undercoated and painted) and battle damage is half applied. The more I paint this tank the more I love it, perhaps my Praetorians need a squadron of them...

The skull was painted using the awesome tutorial from Ron over at From the Warp.

Saturday, 23 June 2012

Macharius Vanquisher WIP 2

A productive day with plenty of painting has put me firmly on the road to completing this tank. Free hand insignia and then the final weathering are all that remains (then I get to start converting the tank crew!), I'm also considering drilling a few aerials into the tank.

Check it out!

Friday, 22 June 2012

Macharius Vanquisher WIP

Hello everyone.

Its been a crazy busy couple of weeks so I've barely had a moment to pick up a brush. Finally, after a long week I sat down this evening and managed to get a bit done on the tank.

So far the base colour is done, the tracks are painted and fully weathered and I have base coated all the detail black. I have also done some scorch marks on the gun barrels (my first time trying that but I'm pretty pleased). There are also a few quick sketches of ideas for the side panels. As with all my tanks there will be a fair amount of free hand going on, what with this one being twice the size the possibilities are great indeed!

On the right of the tanks will be a red and white stripe to tie it in with my other tanks. The question here is - do I limit it to the front square panel or the entire side of the tank like my Leman Russ.

The left side will have a big picture spanning two panels involving IV, Praetoria, an aquila and a Lion of some description.

The turret will get something on the side of the cupola and possibly on left side of a gun barrel.

Here you go (sorry for the bad light in the photos!)

If you have any ideas on what I could paint please let me know!

Monday, 11 June 2012

The most beautiful tank in the world...

So as I mentioned at the end of my Badab report I went on a little forgeworld shopping spree, and after a two week break I decided it was time to get the paint brushes out again.

Behold the most beautiful tank GW or Forgeworld have ever produced... The Mecharius Vanquisher.

I've only just got started and after constructing it I have got to work building up the various colours. I've had to use new paints for this one and the hull is only on stage 4 out of about 5 or 6.

So far it was
1. basecoat XV-88
2 Reikland fleshshade
3. Drybrush XV-88
4. Drybrush Balor Brown

The light makes it look a bit of a weird colour in the picture but in the flesh it is a but less yellowy. I'm not sure which colour to go for next, I might need to buy a few more new paints to get one in-between balor brown and whatever the bleached bone equivalent is. After those that in-between colour and the bleached bone there will be another wash and then I will have to work out what to do with the rest of the tank. Im thinking some nice free hand and more of the bold red and white that features on my other tanks.

For the crew on this behemoth I'm going to wait till I've painted the tank and then see how I feel. I'm currently undecided as to whether I convert the Krieg crew, convert original Praetorians or make brand new ones with the GW plastics and various Praetorian extras.

I think I need to name this tank at some point as well, for that I will have to wait and see what personality it adopts.

Needless to say I can't wait to paint more of this tank.


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Badab War Part 2 Results!

Continuing from where I left off lets move on to game 4...

Game 4

Breaking the Ring of Steel
As the conflict grinds on with vast losses on both sides, it would appear that the Tyrant of Badab is slowly losing his zones of influence. Now that the Loyalists have received more and more reinforcements to contain this threat, it is realised that the enemy Heroes must be stopped, whatever it takes. Armies are mustered to locate the enemy leaders and sever their command structure with the hope of breaking the morale of their troops. This will hopefully bring about a final resolution to this world–ending conflict as the Loyalists have cornered Lugft Huron himself within his lair, the ‘Palace of Thorns’. Vast resources are poured into neutralising the opponents command base, but at the same time it is important for the aggressors to protect their own commanders. Victory, though likely for the Loyalists, still hangs in the balance.
The focus of this mission is to neutralise and eliminate the enemy hero, catch him once and for all and so
deliver a bitter blow to your enemy’s army. However, your opponent is trying to do the same thing

Points 2000pts
Mission type Annihilation
Deployment Pitched Battle
Special Rules: The Clash Of Titans
A Badab Hero is worth 2 Kill Points instead of the usual 1. If your Badab Hero removes the last unsaved wound from the enemy Badab Hero, then the kill is worth 4 Kill Points to represent the enemy’s morale breaking at the site of their leader’s broken corpse being flaunted above the battlefield for all to see.
Hero Upgrades
• Eternal Warrior
• Stubborn

For this game I was drawn against an Eldar army that contained a load of jet bikes, falcons, wave serpents (full of fire dragons of course!), war walkers and a fire prism. Here's how the deployment looked.

The Praetorian strong point in the centre, the Eldar didn't have any flamers so with orders and going to ground these guys were going to be tough to shift!

The Eldar cautiously advance

The walkers and vipers don't make it past the first Praetorian turn.

Despite having moved flat out the Praetorian rough riders charge, cover the only access point and wreck the falcon killing all the fire dragons inside!

Warp spiders appear, and after failing to destroy the Leman Russ are engaged in combat by my HQ

With the majority of my tanks still all the weight of fire power allows me to pick off Eldar units.

The Bane Wolf which charged forward and eliminated the jet bikes was then turned into a tin can with no guns or tracks before my deathstrike missile launches scatters and blows it!

Eldar support arrives in the form of the swooping hawks and more Dire Avengers.

The Lord Provost leads the defence on the hill and slays the Dire Avengers.

Another thoroughly enjoyable game. It ended in me tabling my opponent for pretty minimal loses (Bane Wolf, Rough Riders, and a chimera or two). My firepower had really dictated the game and had made short work of his light armour. the blob had once again proved formidable as it is right pain to shift when dug in. Due to my victory I managed to acquire eternal warrior and finally no longer had to fear instant death!

That game took us up to lunch on the last day and I was informed I had a best army nomination and was to put them in a display cabinet for the voting! Well several tray shuttle runs later the army was on parade, and was so big it needed two shelves! Gotta love the guard. Here are some photos of my army and the other nominations.

The Thousand sons played as Grey Knights!

With voting finished it was on to the final game which was a 4k a side doubles game on a 6x8 table.

Game 5

Escape and Expurgation
Lugft Huron has been defeated. The Palace Of Thorns has been subjugated and the Secessionists have been
dealt a blow from which they could never recover. In disarray the remaining renegades attempt to mount a lasting assault to cripple their conquerors and so make good their escape. The Loyalists, now exhausted from their daring assault on Huron’s lair itself, must hold in order to consolidate their gains and destroy as many of the rebels as possible. After a short pause in the fighting following the Tyrant’s downfall, mass armies join in an apocalyptic collision to decide who remains in control of the Badab system.
This is it. This final opportunity to destroy your enemy and create a name for your Badab Hero as history is
written by the winners. Only victory here is acceptable. Go now, to glory!

Points 2000pts each player doubles
Mission type Seize Ground with 5 Objectives
Deployment Spearhead
Special Rules: None!

The objectives were deployed diagonally across the board with one in each far corner and the other 3 pretty central. I was teamed up with a chaos player (I had been scouting for a beautiful army to play with!) who had some brutal slaaneshi lightning claw terminators, a big unit of thousand sons, a land raider 3x2 obliterators a decimator and a host of other nastiness. Our opponents were a traitor army led by Lufgt Huron himself, featuring loads of guard and marines accompanied by the Iron Hands army which was nominated for best painted. In that army we had 4 contemptor dreads, and an achiles land raider !

My side won the roll for deployment and elected to pick the quarters with no objectives in them, that coupled with the size of the table would make mobility key and play to our strengths as both being very mobile. We decided on combined operations across the board and planned to use the speed of my troops and hard hittingness of his units to both claim the objectives, slow the enemy down and eliminate significant threats.

The nearest objective to us was to be held by the Commissar and the blob. The Thunderfire cannon on the achiles had other ideas....

The unholy alliance sets up

The deathstrike is a temperamental weapon. In the nids game it killed about 500pts worth, the next game it killed my bane wolf. In this game it killed... nothing. Scatter massively, hit a contemptor which passed its save and penetrated a land raider and stunned it...

Our armies square off against each other, the scary achiles was thankfully immobilized first turn by my medusa, equally the decimator was immobilized, but other than that not a great deal was destroyed!

We hold the line trying to thin their numbers while our flanking forces head for the objectives.

Lufgt Huron is slaine by the massed lightning claws of the terminators... only to get back up when they head for a new target! He proved a pain to kill before eventually succumbing to my chimeras.

Two of my troop choices make it to an objective as my chaos allies plow into combat with the advancing enemy wiping them all out.

Enemy troops close on another objective.

The Rough Riders charge knowing they cant hurt the beast but sell their live buying time.

The Life Guards show great courage in engaging the enemy.

The game lasted for a full 7 turns and was absolutely brilliant! I'm convinced this is the table size the game is meant to be played on, there is real manoeuvring and it becomes a real joy to play.The final result was 3-1 to us! Huzzah! They held the one objective with a unit by the achilies, the one in the centre was contested by their land raider and the other 3 were held by my Guard. Our central objective in the wood had been defended to the last by the Lord Provost and the Guardsmen but they had died to a man under the relentless cover save template ignoring fire of the thunderfire cannon. It was the first game where the master of ordinance really was worth the points as he simply couldn't miss! and the sacrifices of the dragoons and life guards who engaged their mechanical foe in close quarters showed the spirit of the Praetorians.

So with 3 victories a draw and a loss I was pretty pleased with myself. My unit of the weekend is probably the blob, they looked awsome and just soaked up so much firepower it beggars beleif! All for 135 points.

So on the the results of the weekend... drum roll please...

There were roughly 80 participants in total  and we had been split into two factions. The result of the campaign was a resounding victory for my side the Crusaders of Righteousness, but on who's side had we been fighting? It was the secessionists! My Praetorians had been giving their lives, but not for the Emperor! Best result of that was a very effective chaos duo who had been spilling blood for the Emperor all weekend!
Within my faction I was a very respectable 10th

As I mentioned before I had been nominated for both the best army and best hero and had some very stiff competition. The winner was decided by a secret ballot of all participants. I'll let the picture show you who won...

I won best army (master artificer) and best hero (Iron Halo) and was the very proud recipient of two pieces of glass! Epic result and a win for the whole Praetorian community as it goes to show there is a lot of love out their for Praetorian armies.

An epic weekend, I played some great games, met some great people and got to see some fantastic armies, needless to say it has given me a real taste for Warhammer World and I can't wait to go back. There is another campaign weekend in August I'm considering and I believe there is to be a planetary empires one in November which sounds awesome. I also spent rather more money than I should and there is a Macharius Vanquisher, a bombard and a hydra to be added to the army now.

Thanks for reading!