Saturday, 27 February 2016

Finished Praetorian Imperial Guard Wyvern

Greetings everyone!

Been a while since the last post but in that time I have managed to finish painting the Wyvern. In my opinion one of the very best guard tank kits they've made, a great model to build and to paint. Let's have a look at the photos. 

Conversion work on this tank has been minimal and only restricted to the crew. The models are stock with a simple head swap for VL pith helmets and the arms have had their shoulder armour removed in favour of regulation Praetorian epaulets. 

Spot colour purple has been used on the scroll the spotter is reading from. It features on some of the more special units and characters in the army and I figured it would add a little interest here. I imagine a Praetorian messenger galloping over and handing him a scroll with the latest firing solutions, likely already hopelessly out of date. 

The marking match those on the bombard, deathstrike, medusa and hydra and tie it in with the rest of the army.

On the right side of all my support tanks something in latin is written.

The marking on the turret matches the side of the tank and once again is repeated on the other support vehicles. 

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos of the latest addition to the army. Question is, what to paint next... More guardsmen? More highlanders? the rest of bullgryns?...

Thanks for looking!