Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Highland Guard Chimera Finished!

I had been steadily progressing across all the tanks over the past couple of days, but tonight got a little frustrated with how long it was taking so decided just to get one finished.

The Highland Guard's chimera was the lucky one and now it is finished!

Here it is with the solitary finished guardsman from the unit (really must get painting the rest of them...). The markings on the chimera are different from 1st platoons, they had a leaping Lion whereas here we have REX IV LEG and small lion head motif with a sword behind it.

Once again different insignia (bar the universal praetorian) as over the red and blue colours I have a small IV top right hand corner and a large male lion head in the cente. Im pretty please with how it tuned out though I think I made his muzzle a bit to long which gives him a certain wolfishness. The lion himself was relatively easy compared to some of the smaller detail work.

Thursday this week I have a 1850pts game scheduled against Necrons! Having never played them before it should be very interesting. I haven't got a great deal of flexibility in my army list as I will pretty much take what is painted (the Highland vets being the unpainted exception), hopefuly I can have the HQ chimera, Medusa, and two Leman Russ fully ready for then.

Only possible addition is an Inquisition sanctioned Valkyrie...
It is the old forgeworld model from about 8/9 years ago and was painstaking painted black and red and covered in Inquisition motifs. It has never seen the battlefield (and will need some kind of flying stand added to it, but as its the forgeworld valkyrie there is no x to insert it) and while not strictly Praetorian the Inquisition may be interested in the sudden awakening of some evil tin cans...

Any tips on fighting the necrons would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Just watch out for those tank eating scarabs!
    Thanks for another inspirational post! My favorite is the tiny lion head motif. :)

  2. Haha, maybe a week or two ago! I'll be sure to watch out for the scarabs!