Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Striking while the iron is hot!

Firstly a belated happy new year to you all!

Secondly my profound apologies for the utter dereliction of my blog for the past who knows how many months. No doubt a Commissar has a bolt pistol round with my name written all over it...

For the past year and a half I've been working full time and studying part time and of late things have been getting ridiculously busy. Its finally coming to a head as I have my final exams in the next few months, but after that I should hopefully have time to once again to pick up a paint brush and get back to my Praetorians!

Now, while updating you all on my continued existence and commitment to the cause are noble aims, they are not the purpose of this post. Oh no! As the title of this post suggests an iron is hot and I am striking something.

Earlier this evening I was out for drinks with a good friend of mine (Warboss Gorblud to be precise) and we got to talking about all manner of things 40k. Now if you have seen his guest posts on my blog last year you will have seen some of his ork horde (which has considerably increased in the past few months, I'm nudging him for another guest post!). We were talking about the new rules, how orks haven't had a new codex in 5 years, how necrons are beardy, all manner of things, but in particular big fluffy narrative games.

Now we've had a couple of big narrative games in the past; a great one at the Armageddon campaign, and and another at Warhammer World on the forge world imperial fort table. Both were great fun and have been undoubted gaming highlights of the last few years. Well reminiscing about these glorious battles got us thinking, and in particular thinking that it was high time for another one!

The planning so far hasn't really progressed beyond a vague idea at this point but we discussed dates and are thinking late Summer/Autumn would be the perfect time to hold the next such game. Giving both of us time to add to our armies and enough time for me to get back on the hobby horse after my exams.

So far I've only given you an insight in to our conversations down the pub, now as exciting as that may or may not be to followers of my blog I have an ulterior motive for telling you all...

Colonel Winterborne needs you!

Warboss Gorblud and I are looking to organise a big game and need you to help us make it happen. We are want to recruit some Ork and Guard players to get involved in this game and make it truly epic. Pretty much everything is on the table at the moment with regards to size, mission special rules, location etc. Our thoughts so far are very limited super heavies, we want this to be about hordes of orks, hundreds of guardsmen and enough tanks to rival kursk!

If this sounds like something you would like to get involved in then let me know, there is no date in mind just yet so all I want is an expression of interest (we can arrange date and geographical location later). Some of you out there have fantastic armies and it'd be great to have my Praetorians line up alongside (or if orks face off against) yours!

Let me know!