Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Praetorian HQ Banner Finished!!!

Finally I have finished the banner for the Command HQ! Just a quick photo for now and tomorrow I will do some proper photos of the whole unit. Enjoy!

The picture in the top left shows a Praetorian soldier fighting an Ork, harking back to their glorious victories on Armageddon. The Lion in the middle is different to all other lions throughout the army which don't have manes.

Right, off to sleep now, late night painting takes its toll!


  1. I'm speechless. That would have to be the best Praetorian banner I have ever seen.

  2. Just found this blog, really stunning army, Kudos!.

    love the theme and execution.

  3. Thanks! Welcome Karitas, glad you like the army!

  4. Wow! That turned out simply spectacular - bravo!!