Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Wars of Armageddon Part 3 - 2k doubles

Welcome to part 3 of my Wars of Armageddon posts. In this post we will have a look at a Battle of truly epic proportions, the Praetorian IV line up alongside Tycho's 3rd Company (about 70 odd marines in this list!) and face off against the countless ork hordes of the Bad Moon warboss Nazdreg...

 photo IMG_5352_zps158dac5e.jpg

With 4k on each side there were a hell of a lot models to be deployed, my guard began the game mounted in their transports, I tried to spread out my high value targets across the table with while almost the entire 3rd Company of Blood Angels castled in the centre with devastators and assault marines on one flank. The ork horde (at least a few hundred) deployed across the width of the table with loads of dreads, kans, battlewagons and all sorts of other nastiness.

 photo IMG_0143_zps745555b3.jpg

The Imperial centre was a fearsome sight with more boltguns than you could shake a stick at.

 photo IMG_0144_zps47556290.jpg

On the bridge my 3 chosen men infiltrated in the centre and the devastators took up firing positions. You can see my medusa and Macharius squaring up against the Bad Moon battlewagons. Within which was a big mek (5++ for the wagons and orks), Nazdreg, a huge mob of mega armoured nobz and plenty of other orks.

 photo IMG_0146_zpsa4f85e3e.jpg

The devastators make ready.

 photo IMG_0147_zps81228404.jpg

The chosen men having survived the charnel house of the chimera factory now find themselves as the foremost unit facing off against the orks.

We were playing an objectives mission and there were 5 of them spread out over the battlefield, all at least 12" from a board edge or another objective. They were all quite centrally placed and meant that both sides would need to push forward to claim them.

 photo IMG_0148_zps76190117.jpg

A big unit of shoota boyz take cover in a wood, just the other side of which is one of the objectives.

 photo IMG_0149_zps9de881c6.jpg

The ork battlewagons roll forward, heading as fast as they can towards the imperial lines.

 photo IMG_0150_zpsdbf0ecee.jpg

The kanz lumber forward eager to get to grips with the Blood Angels, shielding the orkz behind them with their bulk.

 photo IMG_0151_zpsa67d0c8c.jpg

The first few turns for the orks consisted of a lot of running while the Imperial forces tried to thin their numbers.

 photo IMG_0152_zps42a4581b.jpg

The tank commander surveys the pretty bleak scene, no amount of armour is going to save him if the orks are allowed to close!

 photo IMG_0153_zps018bf781.jpg

The medusa waits out of sight ready to strike when the orks get a little closer.

 photo IMG_0154_zps0c6c97c0.jpg

The assault marines patiently wait for the orks to come closer, planning to sacrifice themselves to buy my tanks more time to eliminate the key targets.

 photo IMG_0155_zpsbc958aea.jpg

This photos gives a good impression of the scale of the battle. The opening exchanges whittled down the devastators, while the chosen men withstood a hail of ork shootas and big shootas, only the sergeant survived, but his survival was enough to deny the orks first blood!

 photo IMG_0156_zpsbedf8b00.jpg

The medusa with its AP rounds destroys the lead battlewagon releasing its cargo of Nobz.

 photo IMG_0157_zpsdeba219c.jpg

The Macharius lines up the Nobz...

 photo IMG_0158_zps06cc87fe.jpg

Fire! and reduces them from 7 to 3!

 photo IMG_0159_zpsf120bfc7.jpg

The assault marines strike, leaping into the heart of the ork assault! Facing overwhelming odds they assault the battlewagons and nobz .

 photo IMG_0160_zps02897844.jpg

Epic stuff from the Angels of death.

 photo IMG_0161_zps9cb97181.jpg

More orks advance on the objective in the ruined hab block.

 photo IMG_0162_zps5060df4e.jpg

The lone chosen man continues to pick off orks from his position on the highway.

At this point sadly my phone ran out of battery and the photos end! A massive shame as the battle got very very interesting. I'll try and fill you in on a few of the highlights.

Deff Koptas arrived on both flanks, those on the left shooting the devastators and then assaulting them. The koptas failed to kill any marines, one of the devastators took a wound of the orks who promptly fled and were caught!

Nazdreg and his boyz disembarked and charged into the Imperial lines, at the same time Guard reserves in the shape of a hellhound and a few chimeras with guardsmen turned up. Chimeras started getting destroyed but proved enough of a distraction to allow the heavy guns to continue to pound the ork advance.

The orks wisely shied away from the Blood Angels defensive position in the centre, this caused a massive  funneling of orks to where the bad moonz battlewagons had been wrecked, presenting plenty of targets for the Thudd Guns and Colossus.

Nazdreg despite failing with his attacks on the Macharius (it was a King Russ from the event rules pack, AV14 all round!) then proceeded to soak up almost two turns worth of shooting from our combined armies! Eventually he was felled by weight of fire but the distraction had proved costly as the orks sat on most of the objectives and were proving very difficult to shift.

The Guard reinforcements (with fast chimeras thanks to the victory in the chimera factory) quickly advanced on the objectives hoping to have a late smash and grab. The last turns became a real case of target priority with all our efforts focusing on shifting orks fromt he objectives. In this respect the Thudd Guns were invaluable landing barrage after barrage onto the ork positions.

As the dust settled at the end of the battle the Imperials were victorious, the orks had been denied objectives, and the late moves by the mechanised infantry and Blood Angels had secured victory. The lone chosen man who had denied the orks first blood remained alive, and both armies had managed to obtain line breaker.

An absolutely amazing game, beautiful armies, great table, fantastic opponents and team mate. The undisputed highlight of the weekend.

There will still be one more Wars of Armageddon post to come where I post a few more photos of other battles and tie up a few loose ends.


Saturday, 27 July 2013

Tallarn new recruits and Praetorian Chosen Men

Before I post the next load of my Wars of Armageddon photos I thought I'd give you a few photos of the new Praetorian Chosen Men that you might have seen defending the Chimera Factory, and also the test model of a platoon of Tallarn Desert raiders that will be joining the Praetorians in the future.

 photo IMG_5441_zpsa84ab6c3.jpg

So far only three finished Chosen Men. I wanted to get all 5 done for Armageddon but sadly 3 was all I could manage. Luckily for me 3 was the minimum unit size for Ratlings (count as) so no problem with fielding them at least.

The legs are plastic IG, there are various items on the belt which are IG and the torso, arms, epaulettes, guns and heads are Victoria Lamb. The greenstuff addition of the Rifleman plumes on the front are my own work.

 photo IMG_5432_zpsea64a5c0.jpg

Here we have the leader lighting up a cigar.

 photo IMG_5433_zps7a121156.jpg

 photo IMG_5434_zpse3eecee0.jpg

 photo IMG_5435_zps187d9e83.jpg

For these guys I kept the same main colours with the white belts etc and the khaki uniforms, but as denotes their special status I ventured into green for them, as colour which hasn't really featured in my army up till now with red being the preferred colour.

 photo IMG_5436_zps4f996b0f.jpg

 photo IMG_5439_zpsf25bf614.jpg

You can see from the photos the the Victoria Lamb epaulettes are absolutely brilliant, successfully saving me a lot of hours trying to do my own, and in particular they ensure they are a uniform size and shape.

 photo IMG_5440_zps446b5163.jpg

 photo IMG_5443_zpscf245242.jpg

Here is latest edition! The test Tallarn model Using the same colour for the tunic, I've used the white for the head scarf, a new gray for the trousers and then brown for the wrappings, belts and pouches etc (not least because the white is a pain to paint so much of!).

 photo IMG_5446_zps5935a314.jpg

 photo IMG_5445_zpsa6d42d78.jpg

The Tallarn range have some fantastic faces which are great fun to paint.

 photo IMG_5429_zpsd8951d44.jpg

With the armoured shoulder guards I can include squad markings. This guys here is from Squad B or possibly company B.

 photo IMG_5428_zpse4cadb2d.jpg

 photo IMG_5448_zps928bc2f7.jpg

Another of this characterful guy and then the the squad with the Tallarn for scale and comparison. I reckon a platoon of the Tallarns will look great lined up with my Praetorians. I'll have to get a lot more chimeras I reckon, can't have all these poor buggers walking to battle.

 photo IMG_5442_zpsf6fe3bf6.jpg

In the next post you will once more get to see the Chosen Men in action facing down a truly immense ork horde...

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Vidar's Fate campaign weekend report part 3

It occurs to me that I've been very reticent with my posts from various campaign weekends, so much so that I forgot to post the 3rd part of Vidar's Fate at Warhammer World!

Apologies. Please enjoy the photos!

Game 4 vs Necrons

 photo IMG_4887_zps13bc123b.jpg

 photo IMG_4889_zps4a7ddf12.jpg

 photo IMG_4891_zpse536bfe9.jpg

 photo IMG_4893_zpsb64752e5.jpg

 photo IMG_4894_zps1e30051e.jpg

 photo IMG_4895_zpsf34aa8b7.jpg

 photo IMG_4896_zps16f5ac4e.jpg

 photo IMG_4897_zpsf15cfb02.jpg

 photo IMG_4898_zpsfee91f69.jpg

 photo IMG_4900_zps0f18c99f.jpg

 photo IMG_4902_zpse1c56def.jpg

 photo IMG_4903_zps86e54bda.jpg

 photo IMG_4904_zpsf673b3d1.jpg

 photo IMG_4905_zps384b368d.jpg

 photo IMG_4906_zps0d78a66c.jpg

Game 5 doubles 2.5k apocalypse with Gravis vs Eldar & Tau

 photo IMG_4933_zps9a398b0d.jpg

 photo IMG_4935_zps50d615ab.jpg

 photo IMG_4936_zps61ab7109.jpg

 photo IMG_4937_zps8f32d372.jpg

 photo IMG_4938_zps43c923c0.jpg

 photo IMG_4939_zps86a8f2a9.jpg

 photo IMG_4940_zps5d96da94.jpg

 photo IMG_4941_zpsf43c3b76.jpg

 photo IMG_4942_zpsca12ed1e.jpg

 photo IMG_4943_zps624f2bf7.jpg