Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Mid February update

It's come to mid February and unfortunately a rather slow period in terms of hobbying is upon me. Changing job and moving house at the same time means that progress is likely to be very slow in the coming weeks, nonetheless I will try my best and put up a few posts here and there. Earlier today (just scroll down!) I posted some photos of the finished Command HQ Chimera and Salamander, these were painted last week but I haven't had the opportunity to photo them or post about them, I'm really pleased with both of them and it brings my finished tanks total up to 10, I officially don't own an unpainted tank! Huzzah! Now I just need to buy a stormlord to remedy that...

On a side note does anyone know a)if a salamander can be used in a regular IG codex army
                                                       b) what force organisation slot does it use
I like using it because it looks ace, the problem is I suspect it probably isn't legal in my army... Please help!

Those of you that regularly follow Praetorian blogs will have seen Col Gravis taking the plunge and deciding to paint a mind numbingly large number of pith helmeted buggers, well I feel that the time has also come for me to paint some infantry. My 40k games thus far have been me taking every painted model in the army in a bid to make the points up without any real tactical thought, my lack of infantry (a paltry 35ish painted) has made my army very inflexible and my deployment zones more of a parking lot than I would like.

So what am I going to paint?
Firstly the 10 Highland vets. need to be finished, upon their completion that will be 1850pts (of legal army) fully painted
3 x10 man guard squads (2 lascannon and 1 missile launcher heavy weapons which could form a heavy unit if needed), these need to be undercoated.
10 storm troopers, now you may have seen my 'commando' storm troopers that Ive been working on, but these aren't them. This squad will be converted DKOK grenadiers and the first one is built and ready for greenstuff, feast your eyes on this guy...

Epaulets will be sculpted, also filling around the arms and neck. I'm also toying with adding something to the helmet, not sure yet, any ideas?

So in total that is 50 guys that need painting (also a fair bit of converting and sculpting for the stormtroopers), it could take a while...

Speaking of painting, I have been thinking of evolving my methods a bit and getting an airbrush. Now I have absolutely not experience with airbrushes but I'm thinking that if I can paint the khaki uniform on them all with an airbrush it will save me literally days worth of time. I'm going to investigate the matter further but peoples thoughts/experiences would be very gratefully received! Also do you think I could get a result with the airbrush that would match my hand painted ones (regarding the khaki uniform).

On a final note my guardsmen are confirmed for Badab War pt 2 up at Warhammer World in May, I cant wait! If any other Praetorian players are thinking of going let me know and we could team up for the apocalypse game!

That's enough for now, I will catch you all later.


  1. Rules for the Salamander Command veicle were originally published in Imperial Armour 1. Forgeworld have updated the rules and they can be found on their website in a PDF here:


  2. Thanks Koloth! So it looks like I need to fight as an armoured company to use it by the book, only problem with that is there are no rough riders in the AC list!

  3. It uses a HQ slot. Unlike more recent IA books, there doesn't seem to be a specific statement such as 'A Warp Hunter is a Heavy Support choice for a Codex Eldar army' (from IA11), but unless your opponent has a problem with it why worry ? You could always use it as a counts as Chimera if your opponent really has a problem. Same armour, same points cost,same weapons combo, only the surveyor rule is really different.

  4. So far people are happy for me to use it so no worries there. I want to take it to Warhammer World for the Badab war pt2 and everything needs to be WYSIWYG, I'll drop them an email and see what they say, but yeah as a chimera it would work just as well.