Thursday, 16 February 2012

Praetorian Storm trooper WIP

Managed to get some greenstuff onto the tester model and heres what it looks like.

When it is properly cured I will neaten it up a bit and get all the greenstuff edges nice and sharp. The helmet crest is pretty basic at the moment and something may well get added to it, but so far I'm pretty pleased with it!


  1. this is fantastic!

    I may have to steal that design.

  2. Bravo sir!

    DKoK repurposed! reminds me of a lifeguard.. but thats probly cos his helmet is all shiny :)

  3. Steal away! I definitely had lifeguards in mind when I did his helmet, I'm struggling to wait for the greenstuff as I want to paint him now! Hopefuly tomorrow I can put a lick of paint on him.

  4. Great idea, brilliantly executed once again, these guys will look ace!