Monday, 6 February 2012

Medusa gallery photos


  1. Very nice indeed. Those guy's must have arms like Garth have you seen the size of those shell's. I love the crossed cannon's, are you doing that on all your artillary model's?

  2. The crew are really good! A great way to bring carry the theme through!

    How did you achieve them? I will need to try similar techniques in order to make Tallarn crew for my own artillery!

  3. Hold on a sec... I was just thinking about the tallarn mortar team chap covering his ears and then though: are yours "standard" crew from heavy weapons teams?? !

  4. Yeah I'm thinking the cannons for all artillery. The Leman Russ have a Lion with a mane, chimera a female leaping lion, there is a little method to the madness but I largely make it up as I go along!

    Yeah Oink the crew are just standard loaders/gunners, the standing is the loader from the missile launcher team with the missile in his right hande removed and goggles sculpted. The other is the gunner from the lascannon team with goggles sculpted on his helmet. I think for tallarn both the mortar crew would be spot on, not really anythig that needs modifying on those two as they dont carry any magazines etc.
    I think its worthwhile spending a little time on the crew platform as well, make it look used and put guns/tools/shells here and there.