Wednesday, 8 February 2012

What's new? Praetorians that's what!

As the eagle eyed informed me earlier today, the 4th Praetorian Mechanised Infantry were seen on manoeuvers not once, not twice, but thrice on the GW what's new section of todays website!

I sent them some photos and a blurb a few weeks ago and they said they liked them, sent them a few more of the newly finished tanks the other day and as if by magic on GW they appear, needless to say I'm pretty chuffed. Followers of my blog will have seen the photos before (possibly there is a new one of the rough riders with better colour), but there is a new blurb about them which speaks more of why I collect Praetorians. Also check out some photos of Big Toof River from back in the day, almost 15 years ago, surely it is about time for a rematch against the Ork foe? Also well done to Commisar Dave, who's Colonel featured as well!

Here's a little update of my painting table for today, we have the HQ chimera Salamander which (other than the crew) both just need chips and insignia painted. My inquisitorial Valkyrie (just needed a base, its the old forgeworld one so had to do some drilling and pinning) and two smoke markers. I decided that my tanks also need to look good as wrecks (what with fielding 10 of them) so smoke markers were a must!

Who knows, perhaps this represents a softening of the GW stance on pretending Praetorians don't exist anymore! We can only hope. All that is left to say is...

For Praetoria!


  1. Congrats on getting your guys up on the website! You have such an awesome army, it is thoroughly deserved!

    I hope like someone else has mentioned elsewhere this is the start of a softening of GW stance on the Praetorians and maybe they will be written back in to the fluff after their vicious cut! I'm split over re-releasing of models though! Part of me thinks its too much to hope for, the other part will be kicking myself for the money spent on second hand ones if it does!

  2. Congrat's mate, but have you seen the last post of the day with your Rough Riders? Right at the bottom of the post is a picture of my Commander in all his glory and they even mention my name. So I guess GW is starting getting a little soft these day's, and may be just may be they will make a come back.

  3. Congratulations Phil, well deserved for such a lovely army, you've done Preatoria proud ;)

  4. As you could probably see from my post I was rather excited to see it! Well done and thanks for reigniting all the FB praetorian loving.