Sunday, 5 February 2012

Finished Praetorian Exterminator

Managed to finish updating another tank this evening, my Leman Russ Exterminator. Tank-wise that's 4 chimera, 1 hellhound, 1 Russ, 1 Exterminator and 1 Medusa all finished. Next up is finishing the Command HQ chimera and the Salamander for a nice round total of 10 tanks. When they are done I have my eye on getting a stormlord for some big games. Here are some photos of the Exterminator

Ive also been doing a little work on converting the empire engineer on mechanical horse to use for Mogul Kamir. There are lots of details that need removing so its taking a while then I'll have to start sculpting all the 40k bits. The torso and head are sitting on pins at the moment but give you an idea of how it might look a little further down the line.


  1. Man that tank look's good and your weathering is fantastic as alway's.

    I love the Mogul Kamir model you are going for and I think it will be great once finished. I would love to know what you used for the main body. But from the picture it look's like the body and weapon off Commissar Gaunt.

    Let me know when you get your Servitor's, so that I know they arrived alright and I am just glad I was able to help.

  2. Cheers! I'm getting pretty well practised at the tank weathering now.

    Yeah the body is Gaunt with head and legs removed (same as Gravis' Col Ackland coversion), head is the praetorian standard bearers head (he was a tester for the plumes for my cavalry)sat on top, he probably wont be the one used in the end.
    Also the servitors weren't for me!

  3. Yeah sorry mate realised after I left the comment. But I must admit your army is starting to look really nice.