Friday, 10 February 2012

Photos Praetorians v Dark Eldar

Earlier this evening my valiant Praetorians had the fortune to be lined up against what can only be called a stunning Dark Eldar army. I'm afraid I haven't got time to write a proper battle report like my last against Necrons, but I do have time to upload photos which show the key moments of the battle.

 The Dark Eldar parking lot

The Praetorian parking lot (Hellhound and rough riders led by Mogul Kamir kept in reserve)

Now the carnage begins

 Turn 2 all 5 tanks pictured are wrecked.
 The cavalry arrive!
 Guardsmen wipe out an incubii unit with volley fire.
 The Dark Eldar close in...
 Valiant to the end.

 The colonel makes a last stand in a runined building.

As you have probably guessed I lost, a mighty 15KPs to 9. My unit of the match was certainly the rough riders and my nemesis without a doubt flickerfields and my opponents uncanny ability to roll them. Brilliant game and brilliant opponent!

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  1. The smoke markers are made with the help of a great youtube video
    they are made from electric tea light candels and polyester cladding (only a few £ from a craft shop). Then black spray focusing on the bottom and top.