Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Finished Praetorian Highland Guard

Ever since I stopped the hobby 7 years ago the thought of Praetorian Highland always tried to tempt me back. Its been about 6 months since I returned and now I can also proudly say that the Highlanders are finished!!!

Here are some photos of the guardsmen. The photos aren't great (taken in the light of the rather inadequate lamp I've been using for painting) but will do for now, when I get the chance at the weekend I will upload a proper gallery photo of them with their Chimera.

Now I will let the guardsmen do the talking

I will endeavour to post some detail on how I painted the tartan later this week along with a few other bits and bobs.

Some progress towards the Badab War army at last, the deadline is fast approaching and it is looking increasingly like I'm doomed. If it all goes to hell I'll switch to plan B and but a few Leman Russ (I think it probably takes a similar amount of time for me to paint one bloody guardsman as it does a tank!!!)

Finally I would like to thank Col. Gravis and Victoria Lamb for making my Highlang Guard a reality, without your help I would really have been up a creek.


  1. very nice!

    ive been thinking about some fusileers with those legs, and cadian parts..

    nice tartan too!

  2. These are really superb Col Winterborne. I am going to go as far as saying I even like these more then Victoria's Drookian Fen Guard kilted chaps (but don't tell her that, she did get a silver GD for them!). Its been really enjoying watching these come together. Congratulations of finishing them.

  3. Great work, man! You really did a wonderful job painting this squad. They are very unique and characterful. Can't wait to see what you do next.

  4. Simply gorgeous work! Keep it up!

  5. Absolutely superb! Love these guys, just brilliant models from the conversion to a superb paint job! Like many have mentioned before I would love to read a tutorial on how you did the paint job on the kilts if you have the time at some point, they are a work of art!

  6. Good lord, these have so much character and I've yet to see anything like them done for 40K. Bravo sir!