Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wednesday Night Painting Update

Moving up through the gears my finely oiled and poorly lit painting machine is picking up speed. Now that I have knocked 20 Guardsmen of the target (just far too time consuming!) the end is in sight. 

I have just finished the Exterminator and the banewolf and am finishing the insignia and missile on the deathstrike. The Life Guards have had their main colour done so that half the battle. 

If all goes to plan they might all be finished this weekend leaving me Mon-Thurs next week to paint the Commissar Lord and as many normal Guardmen in multiple of 10 as I can manage, that'll probably be the 10 half done then... Other than that I have a heavy weapon squad (2 las and a missile) that are undercoated and have an outside chance of being finished to add another 100 points of AT to the army. 

However should I pain the extra squad of 10 they surely need a chimera! Hmmm...

Sorry no photos today due to technical difficulties, but you can expect gallery shots of all the new finished tanks over the course of the weekend (probably Monday by the time I get round to it!)

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