Thursday, 10 May 2012

A small matter of honour... Part 2

In my last post I left the tournament at the mid way stage. 2 games down, 1 win and 1 draw.

Now that the 1250pts games were done it was on to a slightly creative 1750pts as I couldn't change the existing units and was rather limited by what I had painted.

The army was now joined by the exterminator, a commissar lord in chimera (salamander), more rough riders, a priest and sly marbo.

Game 3 1750pts vs Grey Knights

This was going to be interesting, my rather expansive army was going to face about a dozen models... Led by Drago there were paladins ( a few units of 1), a librarian, a vindicare and 2 dreadknights

The mission had 5 objectives, one in the centre of the board the others in the centre of each table quarter. Deployment was tricky for me as with scout his Dreadknights could assualt anything within 18" on the first turn so I castled in the corner.

The Grey Knight conga line of death.


Boom! Scratch one dreadknight

The Grey Knights relentlessly advanced while I poured shot after shot into them. Targeting the walkers first I managed to eliminate them both by turn 3. The rough riders pictured below killed that one with their meltagun.

The only problem was I wasn't killing them quick enough, with everyone having at least 2 wounds, where they were in a squad together the wounds kept getting allocated in such a way that no one was dying. The Hellhound raced forward in an attempt get them all while they stood next to each other but every save was made.

The Grey Knights attempt to access the stargate...

Charge!!! What? You strike at Initiative 6??? Oh dear...

The game ended in defeat for the plucky Praeotorians. He had Paladins sat on 2 of the objectives who I just couldn't shift. Most of my troops had been killed when their respective chimeras had been destroyed so I held no objective. 

Despite defeat I took a moral victory as I had more victory points than he did. It was my first time against the Grey Knights, quite what they were doing fighting me when there are demons to kill I'm not quite sure but it was good fun. 

Game 4 1750pts vs Chaos

My opponent had an infantry heavy CSM army designed to get in close quarters. He had a few Rhinos, some bezerkers, havocs with autocannons, a terminator squad (deepstriking) and raptors (deepstriking).

Turn one I pretty much won the game. All the rhinos were either stunned immobilized or destroyed and the full fire power of my army was brought to bare on the chaos marines inside.

The Bezerkers run across no mans land was doomed from the start.

My opponent  had the worst luck in this game, the vast majority of 3+ saves resulted in a 1 or 2 as marine after marine was gunned down.

When the raptors finally arrived they misshaped and I placed them far away. The resulting run move was 2" and in my following turn the Leman Russ fired, rolled hit and killed the lot. When the terminators arrived my rough riders were quick onto the scene and wiped them out leaving the Lord by himself. The Rough Riders now bereft of their lances lost the next combat and fled leaving the Lord stood in front of a lot of Praetorians. His death blow was delt by none other than the Lord Commissar who dispatched him with a bullet from his bolt pistol.

The game ended with an immobilized rhino and one havoc left for my opponent while I had only lost a chimera and rough riders. KP 11 - 3


I finished the tournament in a respectable 15th place and in the Best painted was beaten into second place by one vote... next time! It had been a great day and after 4 games in a day thoroughly exhausting. The winner was a sisters of battle player and second place a friend of mine with Dark Eldar who won also won best painted. Here are a few photos of his army below. A stunning army that I had the pleasure of losing to many months ago.

Here are some photos of other armies and a few battles.

Right thats your lot for now, I need to crack on with some painting. In just over two weeks time I need to have a ridiculous amount of stuff painted. If you look at the list next to how follows the blog you will see exactly what I mean. I hopefully post again on Sunday perhaps with a nearly finished tank or four...


  1. Great stuff - congrats on the 2nd place for best painted, your army does inspire! Loved the squat army as well, great pics!

  2. Ditto on the Squats!

    That last games sounds insane, but I absolutely LOVE cinematic moments like the bark of the Commissar's bolt pistol...


  3. Thoroughly enjoyable read and well taken pics to boot. Always nice to see a tourney where there's effort made on a majority of the armies involved.

    Congrats sir on the 2nd place.

  4. Really enjoyable read thanks. Ditto the first comment, the squat army looks really cool, yet again something GW tried to kill that fans refuse to let die! Congrats on your successes, second is the least you deserve for your guys.

  5. That's my squat army and it was a labour of love. It is my dream to beat someone from GW head office with them at warhammer world...

    1. Haha, I bet there are plenty of Praetorian owners who share your dream! Great army though and at least you know its very individual, not many around!