Sunday, 13 May 2012

Reinforcements for the Badab War

As I mentioned last week I went a bit shopping crazy and bought a load of tanks. Well, those tanks are just about finished (1 done the other need insignia and final weathering colour), in addition a squad of 10 guardsmen is coming along nicely, the Commissar is progressing and the storm troopers have also been started. Here are some photos of the works in progress...

The Praetorian Life Guards with their new Chimera (finished and ready to roll)

It's looking increasingly likely that a unit of 5 will be all I can manage for the Badab War. It'll be a shame to field 10 but I just don't think there will be the time! (The others are yet to be built)

A Deathstrike! Overkill or genius... Either way I'm looking forward to my opponents face...
(Tank needs insignia and metal on the weathering, I haven't really started on the missile yet, it'll mainly be white with red fins)

A Banewolf which will likely be in a squadron with the hellhound. (Once again insignia and metal weathering to go)

An executioner, primarily because it costs loads of points and I'm short! (insignia and weathering to go)

Another squad for the platoon, not sure how many guardsman I'm really going to have time to paint but I'd really like and other 20 in the army. Which I might then have to get chimeras for...

The Lord Commissar. Lots to do on him and I cant wait to paint him!

At the moment if all of the above is painted in time I will have about 2350 which means I will still be another 150pts short... Hmmm what to add next...


  1. Looking good! Out of interest how do you paint the coats of your men?

    Good luck getting them all done in time

  2. Ministorum Priests. Every army needs it's regimental chaplains to send off the dead.

  3. I've got the one but maybe a few more or a commissar or two might be good additions. Cheers dai!
    The coats are tallarn flesh, then ogryn flesh collided by tallarn mixed with bleached bone up to pure bleached for the top highlight. How many layers of highlights depends on how lazy I'm feeling, I'd say 4 is good. The dark colours you only want in the deepest recesses.

  4. Great stuff! I especially like how the life guard looks, that's a great conversion. Loving the tanks as well - go, man, go!

  5. I love the way your tanks (even when you say they still need weathering!) look like they have been trading blows on battlefields for years, the damage looks so natural. Looking forward to seeing the storm troopers, the highlanders were amazing but I think a squad if those guys has the potential to look even better. Deathstrike is genius and the white missile looks really striking. Like the position you decided the lord commissars arm in, looks very natural and I'm sure hd will look class finished. Just out of interest was the lord a modelling choice as tactically having a second ccs seems a good points cost to effectiveness ratio, although admittedly seems a bit weird to have two?

  6. Lord is out of necessity for the Badab war, he is my special hero for the campaign. But yeah if I had to pay points for him I probably wouldn't! I think he needs a more praetorian title, provost Marshall perhaps?

  7. That is a great idea! Provost Marshall would be a great way of tying him into the praetorian theme, and you've already done his cuffs red! I really like this idea and I think I will have members of the provost in piths rather than traditional commissars! I was already planning some pith wearing padres as priests so this ties it all together nicely! As I said looking forward to seeing this guy painted he will look ace!

  8. Oh and I think you'll soon have to change the name to the 4th armoured cavalry! All those tanks are going to look epic! Would love to see another pic of your full army with the additions when your done, good luck getting it all ready!