Saturday, 28 April 2012

Praetorian Highland Guard Almost finished!

Time rumbles on and quite clearly my plan of getting the Highland Guard finished last weekend has been completely banjaxed. Progress has been slow and I now have less than a month to paint up a lot of miniatures in time for the Badab War. I think there will be some late nights to come...

The Commissar Lord is ready to be undercoated now. Pictures struggle to show the detail but I have sculpted an inscription on the sword which unsurprisingly reads praetoria followed by an aquilla. I'm also particularly pleased with how the plasma pistol turned out.

Now the Highland Guard! I'm over the worst as I have now finished the tartan! That leaves weapons, anything red and anything brown and then they are done. Then I will have to concentrate on the standard infantry.

Apologies for the shoddiness of the photos, I'm still struggling with light here in my new flat! 

Comments are of course always welcome, hopefully in the next posted we will have these guys finished!


  1. Looking fantastic! You may have done so already on your blog, but if not I'm gonna have to pester you for how you did your tartan, I've got to crack on with my own Highlanders. Oh and quite shamelessly I am going to copy your Lord Commissar conversion to use as an Officer! ;)

  2. Those are truly spectacular! The additions to the Commissar Lord are inspired, and I'm really liking how the tartan turned out. That's a very tough paint scheme to pull off, and yours is exemplary. Keep up the fantastic work!

  3. Copy away! I don't like the Lord Commissar model normally but give him a pith helmet and he looks great! A few links have been posted to tartan painting websites on other posts but I adapted it somewhat. The colours in lines is one thing but then there is highlighting and shading which complicates matters, also when making the models make it easy for yourself with regards to things obstructing your painting of the tartan. I'll post how I did my tartan when I post next.
    Thanks for the praise!

  4. Wow, that Lord Commissar just look awesome!

  5. Seriously mate, the gs'ing characters on his sword is insane and well done, impressed to heck! Really looking forward to seeing paint on him.

    The highlanders are lovely. You have my respect for being able to paint so much tartan, so well!

  6. I can't imagine how much effort has gone in to those highlanders, they look amazing! The Commissar Lord is awesome, really like what you've done with fairly minor overall (I know they must have took ages though!) modifications to the original model. Great stuff!

  7. The commissar Lord conversion is a great idea. He's got tons of character!
    Ron, FTW