Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sunday Update

Hello everyone, a brief update on my painting progress for the Badab War Part 2.

All armour has now been finished. If you check out the three posts just before this you will find photos of the Bane Wolf, Deathstrike and Executioner. The Chimera for the Life Guards was done last week and will be posted with the (currently almost) finished Life Guards.

I've been feeling a real lack of infantry in my army, and considering Praetorian infantry is why I have this army in the first place I'm determined to rectify this by the campaign weekend. I am going to get 20 Guardsmen done who will make up 4th and 5th squad of the platoon. They will be blobbed together with a vox and no special weapons, their sole purpose will be to 1st rank fire every turn as every guardsman (bar the 2 sergeants and bugler). Essentially 105pts of pure cinematic fun.

The Boss is almost done and will be given the title of Provost Marshall (Praetorian commisars need a more Praetorian name). His weapons are the last thing to be done there.

The Life Guards are also almost there. Unfortunately time has meant that it will be a unit of just 5, but never mind!

That'll do for now. Check out the previous posts for gallery photos of the tanks and check back in a couple of days when hopefully there will be some more photos!

Comments are always welcome.

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