Friday, 25 May 2012

Badab painting update

After 2 days of frenzied painting and a long drive I find myself finally resting at a B&B in Beeston. Horizontal makes a very nice change from the hunched painting position I've been adopting for at least 24 of the past 48 hours.
The whole army is finished! 2500pts of khaki coloured pith helmeted madness. Aside from the deathstrike, chimera, executioner and bane wolf I painted last week, I have now painted the lord commissar, 5 storm troopers and 20 guardsmen. In total that makes 14 tanks and over 70 infantry fully painted and with me in their cases.

Tomorrow begins the campaign weekend and I can't wait! 5 games (500pts, 1500pts, 2500pts, 2000pts, 2000 doubles) each with its own scenario from the Badab war, there is also a space hulk commander showdown which I fully expect to loose very quickly (unless he can take his chimera with him!) and a pub quiz at bugmans.

For the campaign my army must be led by a commissar lord (each race has a specified hq choice to take) who can cost up to 150pts. As it is otherwise impossible to spend 150 on a commissar lord he has his own chimera ( the salamander) a power sword and plasma pistol. After each battle he picks up skills, which skills depends on whether I win or lose (fearless, hit and run, stubborn etc).

I will post a whole raft of photos next week when I get back along with a write up of how the brave soldiers of Praetoria fair.

I think it is time for a drink and then an early night...


  1. Hello sir, Stu here from the weekend (AKA Rumplemaster with the Serpent Guard). It was good to meet ya. Are you attending any more events up here at Warhammer World this year? I'm thinking of going to the Cataclysm event on the 15th July and the Warmarch two dayer August 18th - 19th. Drop me a line if you're interested and we should meet up. Matt's up this Sunday so I'll bend his ear and see if he is game too. Hope to see you around fella......and I have my eyes firmly set on that best painted trophy of yours :O)

    1. Haha! It was a fluke I can assure you, I'm sure the next one has your name on it!
      The one in August could be good, July I've got no free time at all. There is also a planetary empires campaign in November which has yet to be properly announced (I had a word with the organisers after) which is meant to be very very good.

    2. Nah it wasn't a fluke buddy, your army looked gorgeous and complete :O) The free hand was beautiful also. It was my own fault for not finishing all the minis as well as not placing my best painted unit in the cabinet :O( I'll have my game face on ready for August. Looking over the rules pack you can field one super heavy too so that could be interesting. I have my trusty plague reaper and greater brass scorpion ready to go :O) We should defo get in a game next time you're in Nottingham :O)