Saturday, 10 December 2011

Praetorian storm troopers and Highland Guard update

A few pictures of the work in progress storm troopers and highland guard. I'm waiting for some of the new Victoria Lamb arms for the storm troopers and there is a load of green stuff that needs to be added for epaulettes and a few other things.

 The storm troopers are all wearing their forage caps and have pith helmets attached to their belts and I'm considering adding epaulettes to them when I get the arms, though I'm still not decided!
This is the second 5 men of my highland guard veterans (the other 5 all kneeling appear in previous posts). They all need cuffs, epaulettes, plumes and the odd thing here and there.


  1. They look really great. I like the green-stuff Epaulette. It's a nice touch. Outstanding!

  2. Watch this space for the finished greenstuff on the highlanders, I'm hoping to get it done tomorrow I've sculpted so many epaulettes by now that they don't take too long!

  3. I like the storm troopers.

    I may have to steal that idea.

  4. Just seen this post don't think I spotted the storm troopers in it before, I have a very similar concept in mind for my paratroopers. I'm using the VL torsos and the heads (which I will turn into berets). I can't decide whether to use cadian arms as I originally wanted it to be obvious that they were better armed (and armoured, was going to keep the shoulder pads, what do you think?) but tempted to have my whole army with VL arms and guns now. How are they coming on? What colour scheme are you going to use? mine will be influenced by and hopefully look like WW2 british paratroopers with berets the same colour as my Praetorians and desert/camo fatigues.

  5. This is a good opportunity for you to use the IG legs as commandos need pockets! They are in carapace armour so the IG arms with shoulder pads would illustrate that, I've gone for the VL arms and rifles. Ive got all the bits I need to finish building them, not quite short how to make them hotshot las yet or to give them a more IG feel. Nontheless shelved until I've painted my HQ, Highlanders and updated my Leman Russ.
    My biggest worry with the storm troopers is ensuring they are Praetorian and fit and also that they are IG and 40k. So to comabt the first they all have pith helmets on their belts, I'm also considering epaulettes or perhaps a modified simpler epaulette more inkeeping with their less proper look. Im still unsure how to make them look IG and 40k, I think I will have to go a bit sculpt happy and take inspiration from other models.
    Paintwise mine are going to be either same colour as the rest of the army or a slightly different shade.
    Using VL arms for the whole could give you lots of problems with heavy weapons, special weapons, sergeants etc. My advise is use non GW bits sparingly, and for things you couldn't achieve without them e.g. kilts, dress uniform torsos. Also think that VL legs all the way will mean no kneeling men (unless she has some, does she?) and a lot of repition among troopers.

  6. Yep definitely using the standard Cadian legs on the storm troopers because of the pockets. See I'm not thinking so doggedly pure Praetorian for my army, no epaulettes on anything but officers and certain models for a start! I'm trying more for a Praetorian British Army in space theme, so I'm happy for them not to really fit 100% with my standard troopers in looks and colour scheme. I'm not sure on the Cadian Arms, I'll have to finish the test Paratrooper and see. I think in my case as the standard troopers will all have VL arms that using them for these as well won't make them stand out enough. And you are right special weapons and sergeants will be a headache as they will have to be GW arms. Making them IG though is what I'm struggling with a bit, think I will have to at least sculpt cap badges for all and I'll use as many Cadian pouches and accessories as I can. Vic told me she is doing kneeling versions as well so repetition won't be so much of a problem with the legs hopefully, heads are though. Can I ask which pith heads other than hers would you recommend?

  7. Great Work. I want to do something similar for my Veterans. It was recommended that I contact you with information about Victoria Lamb's Kilts. Do you think they would convert well with traditional Praetorian models if I trim at the belt line? I am trying to conserve money and I have models to do the conversions with. I just don't want to destroy a model if it will not work. If you think it will be a no go, I will see about ordering some of Col. Gravis' torsos. Thanks for any help you can give. By the way, I am the owner of the 14th Praetorian Rifles Blog.

    1. I'm afraid using the standard praetorian models (apart from being very expensive if you cut them up!) wont work as the scale is completely wrong. The Gravis torsos are definitely your best bet. For arms I stripped down cadian arms and sculpted epaulettes. Victoria Lamb arms are a possibility (the cadian uniforms in general are a bit baggy so the VL might be a good option)as the would just need the epaulettes added but then you have different lasguns.
      But back to the original point I wouldnt combine the Praetorian standard models with the kilts, I dont think it'll work.

  8. Thanks for the help. I will start putting the cash aside now.