Saturday, 3 December 2011

Finished Rough Riders Photos!!

Finally I've managed to fix my computer enough to post these photos. As I mentioned in the previous post I only really managed to finish them so quickly due to Cavember! Col Gravis has a rough rider painting contest over on his blog for Cavember Roughrider Painting Contest so be sure to go and check it out! Enjoy! Any comments are always welcome!


  1. Just beautiful. Was the banner your own design or was there a historical reference for the colouring? I really like the red and black contrast. Also that free hand work is amazing.

  2. Banner was all my own work, plenty of scribbling on a pad before drawing it in pencil on the banner itself. I tried to keep the colour scheme in line with the army and the banner of the company command squad i.e. white border and red and black for main colours. Glad you like it! Painting a banner folded over so many times is a nightmare!

  3. Simply stunning. I love the greys as the mounts they go very well with the overall army colour scheme. Can i ask where the squad leaders head is from? i love it.

  4. The squad leader's head is from the pistoliers box, he certainly has a good look about him! Im planning some more rough riders and a mogul kamir conversion, just need to find a mechanical horse...

  5. Colonel, please tell us whether your praetorian army difference in rules between Dragoon and Lancer cavalry units? Judging by the equipment- da.No GW by the rules of just one type of cavalry-Rough Riders ...

    1. Same rules, just using the special weapon option you have for rough riders. Sadly the rough riders are still pretty bad as they currently stand. Only the DKOK rough riders are any good.