Sunday, 25 December 2011

Photos of the 1st Platoon

I've finally had some time to take some photos. So here you go, photos of the 1st Platoon! Comments are of course always welcome!

Command Squad

Command Chimera

Squad 1

Squad 1 Chimera

Squad 2

Squad 2 Chimera


  1. Simply superb.
    I really should start taking Squad photos of my army...
    I have probably already said this before but the sandy brown, deep green and red on the Chimeras are perfect contrasts. Then along with the black and white checkers and the details, as a whole they just blow me away.

  2. Thanks! I'm really pleased with the 1st platoon, I try to keep untie things colour coded as possible. Red is the only constant colour. Red and green for the 1st , red and blue for the highlanders, red and white for battle tanks. Photos of all the units are a must, I'd love to see photos of everyone's praetorians!