Friday, 16 December 2011

An army list and a nightmare

I had a nightmare last night, not a very bad one but I'll class it as such nonetheless. I had just painted my highland vets and spray varnished them, only the spray varnish ruined the models turning them all cloudy and grey.
Whether this is an omen or not I'm not sure but I'm certainly wary of purity seal now...

Anyway, on to the more serious subject of the Praetorian mechanised 4th. Since I came back to the hobby a few months ago I have been converting and painting as I fancied with no real method to the green stuff and painted fuels madness. I have not yet played any games since my return but that is of course on the list of things to do. Ideally I'd like to take the army to tournaments and gaming weekend etc to meet some fellow hobbyist and of course show the praetorians off (victory is somewhat secondary to vanity at the moment!!)!  As such it's about time I had a plan.

The army list.

This 1500pts (there is a lot more infantry waiting in the wings to easily make another 750pts worth) list has come about with no real tactical thinking, rather it is what I'm enjoying painting etc and like the look of. Any suggestions are very welcome!

Command HQ, reg.std, medic, vox, master of ordinance, body guard carapace armour, chimera, extra armour.

Priest, eviscerator

Highland vet squad, missile launcher, grenade launcher, chimera
Infantry platoon

Command squad, standard, vox, bolt pistol, meltagun, chimera

Squad 1, plasma gun, heavy bolter, chimera

Squad 2, autocannon, flamer, chimera

5 rough riders, meltagun, plasma gun,

6 rough riders



Leman Russ with lascannon

Leman Russ exterminator with sponson heavy bolters

Painting wise it is about 70% done.

The tanks are all painted, but I'm reworking all the markings and insignia on them, free hand painting everything, also adding damage and chips to the paint.

The infantry platoon has half of the 25 finished (squad 1 and 3 from command squad) while the others range from undercoat to almost done.
Rough riders are all done.

Highland vets are all based and undercoated with one finished.
Command HQ are undercoated and based with the bodyguard (Zulu) and MO finished.

Now that work has finished for Xmas I should have some time to make some real progress and get all of this finished! First step is to finish the platoon and tanks. I'm going to try and add some pages in the next few days to the blog to create a gallery where the finished models can be displayed.

Sorry no pictures today as I'm on a train, but there will be some in the next few days. Imperial tacticians let me know your thought on the army list!

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  1. A solid list. Personally I would run the Rough Riders as a larger group of 10. But then again I don't take special weapon in my RR squad, so I think this will work well. yeah good one.