Sunday, 11 December 2011

Highland Guard update

Only a quick post, just a little update on how the highland veterans are doing. Not quite got as much done as hoped today but have got the cuffs, collars and plumes on the helmets done. Next step is the epaulettes.

Also a a photo of some work in progress freehand insignia for my chimeras. Its painted in grey at the moment and will be done again in white.


  1. These (and your storm troopers) are looking superb. My modelling (and blog) has slowed to a halt currently, but I'm enjoying watching these come together. Are some of the torsos Col. Gravis's 'modified torsos'? I didn't know he released them? Also have you needed to pin the arms or are they all glueing and holding OK?

  2. Thanks for the praise, blogging certainly helps me to stay motivated. Since the rough riders i've certainly not had much time so its been a little bit here and there sculpting and painting. I need a good few hour session to get somethings done! Im really enjoying the storm troopers at the moment, they have a real commando feel to them a bit like the original plastic storm troopers.
    Yeah the torsos are from Col. Gravis' Rough Riders, as far as I know he's not released them by themselves though. I've not pinned any arms, probably would be a good idea and might make paiting easier with them off.