Tuesday, 6 December 2011

A few works in progress...

I've not had any time for painting or modelling in the past few days but I thought I'd post a few photos of things some models that I have been working on recently...

Firstly I've been updating a few tanks, mainly new insignia and some weathering/battle damage. Also a new loading platform for the medusa.

Another model I've been playing around with is a new storm trooper, where I am going for a commando style more akin to the OAP plastic stormtroopers of the 90s but with a praetorian twist. Only problem is what to do for hotshot lasguns, any ideas???

So for this guy we have Victoria Lamb torso head and chem tank, a pith helmet and water bottle from Empress Miniatures, and knife and legs from the regular plastic guard kit. I might wait for the Victoria Lamb arms and guns, they might do nicely as hotshot lasguns. Im also considering not having epaulettes on these guys.
Hopefully next post I can show some more finished miniatures as the tanks above still arent finished, there are also a few guardsmen for another squad that are almost finished.


  1. Hello from Oxon.

    Loving the Rough Riders, very nice work. And the victoria lamb bits are nice.

    Looking through your blog, including the brave butchering of the DKK command det, it occurs to me that you may still have some DKK heads rolling around. If you have, could you be pursuaded to part with them ?

  2. Blunderbus for hotshots? Or too archaic?

  3. Yeah blunderbus is a bit to archaic for my tastes, but the new victoria lamb laserguns will do nicely...

    Also Zzzzzz I'm afriad DKK heads didn't survive well as the cut off point was at the top of the collar which meant only the helmets survived! Brave butchering, haha! I like it!