Sunday, 25 December 2011

A Christmas Update!

Merry Christmas everyone! I've taken advantage of the evening lull after eating and drinking far to much, to post (not just 1 post but several posts!) some overdue photos the army. In this post here are some photos of what stage the Command HQ and Highland Veterans are at.

I've made a few more changes to the blog and added a new page which is a gallery of the finished units in the army. I have posted pictures of lots more units so be sure to have look!

Any comments are very welcome!


  1. Love your conversions, I haven't done any models in years and have suddenly got the bug again. I have literally just dusted off the boxes out of the attic to see what I had and I am planning a new Praetorian Army (sold off all my Praetorian Models about 10 Years ago! Doh!!). I'm planning a few converted squads now but every original idea I think I have come up with I find it on a Praetorian blog somewhere! My Death Korps Conversion Commander and highland veterans are going to be in some pretty esteemed (and much better painted!) company. Really enjoying reading your blog and its great inspiration.

  2. Thanks! Its certainly been fun blogging, and its good motivations.
    Bad news aboout having sold your Praetorians, they are rather pricey now. You could do a lot with the various Victoria Lamb and Col Gravis kits. You could do a whole highland regiment (though painting that many tartans might be damaging to your mental health and eyesight) without using a single originial miniature. If you need any helps with specifics that I've done or tips let me know!

  3. Lol, I just can’t motivate myself to tackle my kilts after seeing your tartans! Welcome back to the breach Buffer :)

  4. Haha, give it a try, painting tartan is no where near as tough as it looks! Im not sure about the colours I've chosen though I'm considering inventing my own tartan. Do you think the black watch tartan (that painted) fits with the colour scheme of the army? Ive also done a highland pattern on the helmet band whihc I'm not sure about.

  5. It totally fits. On my pin board I have a picture of some chaps in that light brown with the black watch tartan- historically its perfect (but I'm sure you know that). As a gaming model the colours are in perfect opposition. Green offset by red, and light brown-yellow offset by blue. When I first saw this chap I thought 'YES, this completes the scheme of the army. Together with the others it works. put them together and see.
    I'm no expert on this at all. But if you feel that it is slightly off, maybe try changing one of the colours slightly. Like- the tartan is blue and green what if the cuffs were red and yellow (the same shade of the epaulettes).
    I think the helmet is great.

  6. Wise words Col. Ackland. Maybe I will play around with the cuffs a bit and we what works. I might try some freehand patterning on the cuffs too.