Saturday, 14 May 2016

Finished Praetorian Bullgryns

Welcome to another post showing off a few of the new additions to the army.

This time we see a few more finished Bullgryns. I actually still have two more to do (with the slab shields) but this is now a finished legal unit of 3 so I thought I would show them off.

I'll also apologise for the photo quality in advance, my phone (which these are taken on) has a few issues and I don't have a working proper camera nor a good photo location at the moment... Far from ideal! Anyway, let's have a look,

Here we have what is probably the best photo of the newest two Bullgryns. Lets now turn to a WIP to see how we got them there. 

In this photos I still have the black to work on and the silver in the weapons. Bullgryns are relatively straightforward for me to paint palette wise with the armour painted like my tanks, and all the flesh and fatigues basecoated Cadian Fleshtone and then highlighted and layered accordingly. 

Here the two fellas are with the above bits filled in. Also there was weathering on the armour and the tanks tracks. Its not immediately apparent but there is blue worked in to the silver on the Mauls around the power nodes (for want of a better explanation of what those long stick bits with a ball on the end that are on power weapons are).

The one bit of freehand I allowed myself on these guys you will find on the (rather classic ork inspired, remember those old goffs anyone?) disc on the back of their armour. I have painted a bullgryn decal of sorts, which would find its way on to their eventual transport too (should they ever get one).

A photo of the two of them reunited with their pal who I think I painted well over a year ago. I seem to have this annoying habit of not finishing units. Take my Lifeguards (based of of DKOK Grenadiers), I still only have five painted and they were painted over 4 years ago! But fear not they are now base coated and will get done eventually...

I absolutely love the Bullgryn models. I'd add more of them to the army in a heartbeat. Lots of fun to paint and they look great. I'd probably add some regular Ogryns if I have a moment of madness and buy some more. I've got the two with slab shields to finish first and they should be done within a week or two (and before the London GT in any case!)

To finish off we see the three of them lining up alongside a variety of other Praetorian Infantry. All infantry have now also been rebased to match and the army is looking so much better. 

Up next will be a few photos of some more updated tanks with all manner of stowage, new weathering and new painted detail.

Please feel free to comment and let me know your thoughts!


  1. Absolutely lovely work, man! I really dig 'em!

  2. Ugly sods. But i do do do love me an ogryn with a smart 'tache.

    I think you should indeed get/make some regular ogryns. The new kits look lovely.

  3. Splendid job and they fit the army wery well! For a transport I would suggest a Forge World Gorgon Carrier, because at least for me Tauroxes and Chimeras seem a bit small even to carry three of them.

    1. You know you are a devil aren't you? I'm now seriously considering buying a gorgon!!!
      I'll probably have to buy 3 more bullgryns too to make a unit of 8 now they will have so much space...