Tuesday, 24 May 2016

The Glorious IV Praetorian Mechanised Infantry

In preparation for the posts covering my army's biggest battle to date it's only fitting I share something I always love to see on other peoples blogs, photos of the whole army!

This post will look at the army current as of last weekend (21st May 2016 for the record). It started way back in the late nineties and in its current form back in 2011 when I started this blog and got back into the hobby properly.

I've got to say that getting it all out on the table and realising quite how big it now is was really quite something. It's been added to fairly regularly over the years and is really something quite special now I think.

For my whole army photos I've returned to the Tomb Kings desert board at Warhammer World. I took a photo of the army here about 3 or 4 years ago and thought where better to revisit their progress than there.

Apologies in advance, this post will be very photo heavy!

Without further ado lets take a look at a fully painted 5000 points of Praetorian Imperial Guard.

There we have it, the whole army on parade. Takes about 30 minutes to unpack and set it all up! But absolutely time well spent.

A few photos of various units coming up now. These two (above and below) have the Macharius Vanquisher front and centre. What a tank, for me its still the crown jewel of the army, such a gorgeous model.

Another angle of the army showing you more of the markings that all the tanks have on their flanks. There are particular designations for artillery units, infantry platoons, super heavies, so on and so forth.

Still quite a lot of space in the second half of this board... I think I will have to see if I can fill it!

Now a few more close up shots. Apologies for not the best photos, I was borrowing a camera I hadn't used before and focusing wasn't my strong suit!

The commissar I think is one of my best paint jobs to date. I loved painting the model and I think it shows. The model is so well detailed and I really like the pose. I think the gripe I had with the stock version (minus head swap) is that somehow, whether it is the hat or the paint job, he looks to much like he is skipping. No danger of that here with this Patrick Stewart lookalike.

Another photo of the Macharius with the Chosen Men creeping into the shot in the bottom left.

Flight Lieutenant Corvus 'Rook' from 219 squadron of the Praetorian Navy. I said when I original completed this guy, and still say now that I would love to add more fliers and continue the chess theme throughout them all. I so nearly bought a Marauder Destroyer up at Warhammer World but luckily for my bank balance common sense prevailed!

I nice photo of the Baneblade. This is another newish addition to the army, being less than a year old in terms of painting.Such a great model and featuring Col' Gravis' tank commander from Curious Constructs.

Another different angle with more of an aerial feel. Perhaps those sneaky orks were conducting reconnaissance flights...

In anticipation for the big game that weekend I made sure I added to my infantry tally. The infantry ranks have definitely swelled over the years but I still have a lot more regular guardsmen that I want to paint.

I finally finished my 3rd objective marker last week! I converted it when I originally converted Colonel Winterborne himself as this was the original Krieg banner. I greenstuffed over the skulls and then painted it. The banner I kept simple and in the colours of the army.

Another look at some of the infantry and one of the Taurox.

The commissar Lord commanding one of the many Praetorian firing lines.

A close up of the regimental banner and some of the command squad. Nork being the latest addition adding a lot of character to the unit.

Here we have the complete Command HQ, replete with the Colonel's dog and a master of ordinance/officer of the fleet.

Another closer look at the right flank of the army. I still feel the army is very light in terms of AT and Leman Russ. Perhaps that is something I will need to expand in the future.

Finally some of the heavy ordinance in the arm. The slightly different shade are all related to when I painted them and the paints that either GW changed or a heavier drybrush/wash. There are quite a few different shades throughout the army but I quite like the character I think it adds.

So there you go! 5000 points of Praetorian Imperial Guard.

I really hope you enjoyed seeing the whole army together, I know that I certainly did. 

Soon I will be returning with 5000 points of Warboss Gorblud's fiendish Bad Moon Orks and then we will move on to the main event. The final show down between Winterborne and his nemesis Gorblud...

Thanks for reading!


  1. Beautiful looking army! Love the conversions.

  2. Blaady Laavly Aahmee Squiah!!! ( very cool).

  3. That is hands down the most beautiful Praetorian army I have ever seen - I always look forward to seeing the new additions, and it's just fantastic all laid out on display!

  4. Beautiful army! They all look amazing and this is the best painted Praetorian army I ve seen in the internet.

  5. Top notch. Your Commissar conversion has even got me warming to that particular model. I think it must be the original cap that I find 'not quite right'.

    I might even have to consider some Forge World additions considering the lovely job you've done on them.

  6. Stunning army! I bet you got a few people taking a look when you'd set up.

    The differing camo shades adds a bit of flavour.

    Keep up the great work - and buy that Marauder!

  7. Cheers for the comments! Very much appreciated.
    We certainly did get a few people stopping by to take photos and look at all the models.
    Question is... Where do I go with the army next? What do I need to add?

    1. A bit more Arties - Wyvern is crying for a friend or two, maybe one bombard more, Gorgon or another Vanquisher? And an infantry platoon... Don't listen to me as you will end with 13.000+ painted guard like me....

    2. The Gorgon is absolutely on the cards, however FW are currently reworking the molds so they can't sell one to me!
      More arty could be a good idea. A basilisk or two or maybe a Minotaur!
      13K you say?? bloody hell. I've got a lot of catching up to do!

  8. More anti tank. Three vanquishers with lascannons? A vendetta?

    1. Some vanquishers could be a good idea, as is the Vendetta. AT remains a big shortfall in this army. Maybe some of the FW variants with the big hull mounted AT weapons.

  9. Ratling Snipers and more Rough Riders. Maybe even a detachment of Squats or Beastmen Penitents? But then, for my love the Guard was the sheer diversity in the units one can include.

    But more seriously - a titan? Would love to see a Warhound stalking amongst this lot.

    Absolutely beautiful work mate. I for one love the different shades, rare sight to see two tanks the same colour, especially on campaign in the bleaching suns of desert planets.

    1. A warhound! Haha, of course, why not... Question is, what colour would I paint it?

    2. Warhound could be painted in your army's colours, you could just make some fluff that the titan is from Praetoria and thus its colours are coherent with Praetorian Regiments.

  10. You need to fill out the formations you've begun. Those chimera chassis combat support vehicles should be groups of three or four. Rook needs a wingman (Knight or Bishop, I reckon). Do buy the Marauder. And it looks like you've got one mechanised platoon there in the middle, surely you need at least two more platoons for a company. And another two troops of LRMBT for a Squadron.

    And hold off on the warhound until they bring out the plastic one (forthcoming, so the rumours say) and when they do, don't forget that flufftastically, warhounds hunt in pairs.

    Just to show a little personal bias here, mine are Legio Astoria, as are those of Siph_horridus over at WeeMen. So fitting yours in there would make the eventual meet up just that bit sweeter.

    It's these little seeds of ideas which have filled my garage with stuff....

    1. Haha! Legio Astoria you say? I'll keep that in mind when the plastic one arrives!

      My list grows and grows

  11. I'm shamed by your accomplishments, shamed I say. Good sir! Both in skill and quantity.

    Off to the penance table for more painting I suppose.

  12. Looking really good! Excellent work. I should put together some more of my Guard...

  13. Maybe even a detachment of Squats or Beastmen Penitents? But then, for my love the Guard was the sheer diversity in the units one can include.

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