Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Finished Praetorian Commissar

Greetings all! 

Firstly, thanks for the comments on the army list in the previous post. The deadline for early submission is this weekend so I will be sending it in any day now. I don't expect to do great in the games but I hope to have lots of fun with a list that should surprise a fair few people in terms of the units taken.

As previously mentioned there have been a fair few models that I've painted this year. One of the more fun to paint additions was the plastic commissar. 

Scroll down, have a look and let me know what you think. Next time there will be Bullgryns for you...

The conversion work for this was very straightforward. The face of the commissar is actually a separate piece to the cap on the sprue. It was very easy to replace with the empty pith helmet that you get with the Victoria Lamb heads. The eagle is actually from the original cap and I simply added it to the helmet. Only a little green stuff was needed to fill a few gaps around the back of the head. 

Colourwise he follows the Commissar Lord and the general palette of the army. The only way in which this guy differs is that he has a lot more purple and its a bit more of a 'genestealer cult' purple.

This guy is one of the few characters with no facial hair but I decided to give him a little stubble to stop him looking too baby face. I kinda think he looks like Patrick Stewart now... 

As previously mentioned next time, Bullgryns! Thanks for having a look!


  1. Patrick Stewart, yes! Looks great. Commissar enough, different enough from the rank'n'file and like he knows the right end of that bolt pistol.

    Beautifully done mate.

  2. Haha! Lovely work, man - that really turned out looking fantastic!

  3. Thanks fellas, I think he might be one of my favourite paint jobs in the army!

    He will be taking to the field leading a squad of bullgryns, fingers crossed he keeps them all in line!

    1. Yeah, my thoughts too - this chap is a model to be really proud of.

  4. Wow, that is so much better than the GW version. Just the head swap along helped but the paint job is magnificent. Really redeemed that model in my eyes.

  5. He looks great. Let's hope he doesn't contaminate the rest with his stolen jeans.

  6. Commissar enough, different enough from the rank'n'file and like he knows the right end of that bolt pistol.

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