Tuesday, 17 May 2016

A few more Bullgryns...

A quick post to update you on my painting.

The final two bullgryns are almost done, and I hope to finish them tonight. Just  a bit of freehand to do and few minor alterations to make.

Here they are with the friends and a commissar.

Need to get these fellas finished for a trip up to Warhammer World this weekend! Gorblud and I are having a 5K per side battle on one of their lovely fancy boards - Jmigan Bridge. If anyone who follows this blog is in the area by all means come along and say hi!

I think I'm also going to be paying a visit to Forge World for some new additions. A Gorgon has been mentioned and I'm sorely tempted...


  1. Good luck during the game! Crush the filthy greenskin scum in the Emperor's name!

  2. Come back with their teef or don't come back.

    OBTW, A Gorgon ! Kool. Don't forget if you buy more DKK for any reason that I have a desperate need for any heads or helmet which might survive the process.

  3. Nice!

    Smash the revolting and wretched Xenos. Flamers to purify their stank from the very earth.

  4. Thanks fellas! The bullgryns are now all finished. I'll be taking plenty of photos of the big game so look out for them soon. The army is considerably improved from when it last all took to the field.