Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Praetorian IV Blog Goes Green...

Hi, and thanks to Col. Winterborne for letting me steal his blog again (as I still never seem to find the time to create my own).

If you follow this blog, then you’ll have seen my army of Bad Moonz battle against the glorious Praetorian IV Mechanised on a number of occasions. Now that we’re planning another big “Guard vs. Orks” battle we thought it time to show some of the new additions you can expect to see in the Ork Waaagh!

My work has taken me abroad for the last 6 months, and while I couldn’t pack anything too bulky, I did manage to pack a load of infantry that has been in need of painting for a long time. Here are the models what I’ve been working on in the warm evenings of Kuala Lumpur:

(please note: I didn’t bring my hobby drill with my to KL, so I number of the gun barrels still need to be “drilled out” – this will be remedied before they hit the tabletop!)

Firstly, we have 3 Big Shoota boyz. I never feel a normal Big Shoota stands out enough amongst a big unit of boyz so I always like to convert them to make them even bigger and more unique. These are painted in my standard scheme to reinforce squads of boyz.

 photo DSCF0013_zps4nmsi8ig.jpg

Second are my unit of Tankbustas. These guys were converted from normal plastic boyz models quite a few years ago - partly because I love converting and partly because I dislike metal miniatures (which were the only other option for Tankbustas at the time). I wanted to add a new colour to my standard Bad Moon palette for these guys so that they’d be easily identifiable as a special unit amongst the whole army, but still looking very much a part of it. I settled on the idea of painting the hoses and part of the rokkits purple, while keeping the rest of the model my standard Bad Moon tones. I’m quite happy with how the scheme has turned out, though I’m yet to see them sat amongst the rest of the army for the full test (as most of my Orks are still nicely boxed up in London).

 photo DSCF0035_zps6qa69p79.jpg

 photo DSCF0037_zpsvl7aralj.jpg

 photo DSCF0041_zpsaraw2thi.jpg

Third we have the most sneaky of Ork units – the Kommandos. I loved converting this unit (again mostly from normal boyz models) because it was so easy to do some fun things with them. From the massive silencers, through to the crawling Kommando I heavily modified most of the standard minis. Although (mostly due to rule changes since 5th ed.) these guys aren’t the best of units these days, I still felt they deserved special attention when it came to painting them. With a perfect chance to divert away from my normal yellow, I set about giving the Kommandos a much darker scheme (including darkened blades and guns for extra sneakiness), with some interesting camo patterns thrown in. Both these guys and the above Tankbustas have Power Klaw wielding Nobz back in the UK waiting to join the units.

 photo DSCF0042_zpssludo7sg.jpg

 photo DSCF0044_zpstlmk3jb0.jpg

 photo DSCF0045_zpsx5o1ufxv.jpg

Next we have 5 Stormboyz. These guys are just a set of the normal plastic Stormboyz with a couple of small mods for the Nob. I have another 8 Stormboyz converted from the old plastic/metal Stormboyz pack, converted in to poses to match the new plastic ones, but I thought them too fragile to survive the flights intact. These are painted similar to my standard scheme, but with extra armour damage on the front surface of the packs and shoulder guards to emphasize their speed.

 photo DSCF0023_zpsdcjxmuqh.jpg

 photo DSCF0026_zpsvmdcytwg.jpg

And finally we have the newest addition to my army – a Weirdboy (made from the Warhammer ‘Wurrzagg’ model). With 7th ed. I feel like Psykers are becoming more of a ‘must have’ for W40K armies, so I really wanted to add a Weirdboy to my force (especially now you don’t have to rely on an Ork’s crappy leadership for passing a psychic test anymore). I think this model is way cooler than the W40K Weirdboy model and so had to go for him to reinforce my army. Like the Kommandos, the Weirdboy was a good chance to get away from my normal painting scheme and do something a bit different and I think he’s come out pretty well.

 photo DSCF0031_zpslmtldxtn.jpg

 photo DSCF0030_zpsqrezcwln.jpg

Well, that’s it for this post in terms of pictures. I still have some new plastic Meganobz, a unit of Lootas, 3 Trukks, a Dakkajet and hopefully a Stompa to paint before the next game (that now looks scheduled for the end of May), so hopefully the good Colonel will let me hijack his blog again with some of these at some point :-)


  1. Love me some good looking Orks. The yellow on these lads is really catching.

    I feel your pain with looking for other colours to help make units stand apart. The purple certainly looks good and the more muted tones on the Kommandos looks great.

    Wurrzagg is a great choice for stand in a Weird Boy.

    Nice work all round.

  2. Awesome! As much as I cheer for the Colonel, I must say I am biased towards Orks. I love the Kommando that is crawling on his belly and the Weirdboy looks amazing. Thanks for inspiring the rest of us towards beautifully painted armies.

  3. The standard Ork Boyz box was always fantastic for converting the other Ork foot choices.

  4. Fantastic work once more Gorblud! I'm going to need to paint more guardsmen... A lot more!
    I'd echo the thoughts on colours, the purple works perfectly and the kommandos colour palette is spot on

  5. Good to see work on this project!

    So many interesting models from just one kit - impressive.

  6. Love the weird boys Cape! Great stuff all round